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Call The Mid Wife Season 9: Who Will in Ninth Season? When Will It Come Out?


Call the Midwife is a BBC series that follows the story of a group of nurse-midwives. They are working in the East End of London in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Eight seasons of the series have aired and now returning for another one. The first season revealed on 25th December 2019 for Christmas special on BBC One. Now the fans are getting the nine installments of the show, and the release date has been revealed.

Yes, the ninth season of Call the Midwife will reveal on 5th January 2020 that will contain eight episodes. Moreover, in the United States, the show will air on PBS on 29th March 2020. 

The good news for the fans is that there would be more installments that will air in 2021 or 2022. The writer of the show Heidi Thomas said, ” Afterall these years there would be more tears to cry, more life to celebrate, more love to give.”

Moreover, he also said we are blessed with the best cast stars.” Executive producer Pippa Harris said, ” we are thrilled about this BBC news and can’t wait to watch the wonderful cast of the show.”

Cast Stars of Call The Midwife Season 9

let’s see who will be included in the ninth season cast: Miriam Margolyes as Mother Mildred will appear in the festive episode.

Besides, in others, Jenny Agutter, Linda Bassett, Judy Parfitt, Fenella Woolgar, Ella Bruccoleri, Helen George, Laura Main, Jennifer Kirby, Stephen McGann, Cliff Parisi, Leonie Elliott, Trevor Cooper, and Daniel Laurie are included.