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Captivating Eyelash Extensions Subtitles For Social Networks


When putting anything up online or on a social networking site, captions are critical. Captions give your followers a look at what goes on behind the scenes of the post.

After that, always remember to include a caption before sharing anything on social media. We’ve compiled a list of the best ‘fake eyelashes,’ so have a look and let us know which ones you like in the comments!

Pictures Of Eyelashes That Look Like They’re From A Magazine

All hail the humble eyelash! It’s also a blessing to have fake eyelashes! #thanktheLord

Because of fake eyelashes, I wouldn’t be the socially shy nerd I am now! #geek

When you have Mac, who needs God?

There will never be another operating system like a Mac! #macforlife

An eyelash extension is all you really need in life. #eyelashextension

With an eyelash extension, life has never been better.

Put on some fake eyelashes with mascara, and you’ll be ready to take on the world. #wearsome

Since 1999, I’ve been doling out lashes. #slaying

Make a racket. Keep your cool. Kill people. #slayslayslay

The value of men is nil. They don’t need you to put on makeup! #menarentworthy

You don’t have to waste your time with men. #towearmakeup

How tough can it be to do makeup? Using eyelash curlers is all that is required. #eyelashcurlers

My lashes might need some assistance. #needsomehelp

I’m lacking eyelashes. #need

Compared to Thelma and Louise, eyelash and eyelash extensions are better companions. #thelma&Louise

Everything is better with lashes! #yes

With a curler and an eyelash extension, the possibilities are endless. #dreamy

A life without lash extensions certainly would have been… interesting. #boring

Without these lash extensions, things would be a lot more boring! #dulllife

Extensions for your lashes are an option. Don’t be ashamed of it; it’s perfectly normal. #beyou

After months of anticipation, my eyelash extensions have come! Yay! #yaaaaay

My lash extensions have gone missing. #where

The extensions on my lashes are gone! #how

The combination of an eyelash extension and a wink may cause a guy to have a heart attack! #wink

Funny Instagram Captions For Fake Lashes

I’m too excited to stay in after having my lashes done! #whostays

After I put on lash extensions, I need to snap a picture of myself. #selfieneeded

If you’re going out, get lash extensions! #beaprtyready

What use do lash extensions serve if they aren’t used to wink? #haha

The finest eye-coverings are a set of lashes. #perfectcurtains

Keep your eyes well-protected at all times. Also, take better care of your eyelashes. #protect

Keep your cool and don’t stop applying your makeup! #keepcalm

Do not panic, and don’t stop using eyelash extensions! #becalm

Take a deep breath, relax, and get an eyelash extension right now! #startwearing

Now is the time to have your lashes done! #today

The moment has come for you to invest in a set of eyelash extensions if you don’t already have any. #hightime

It’s not lash extensions, it’s fake eyelashes, who’s calling it that? #lashextensions

Want me to do your eyelashes while you remain relaxed! #letme

I’m a lash artist only. #only

Lashes are my area of expertise! #specialty

I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in lash application!! #degreeineyelash

My eyelashes aren’t one of the many issues I’m dealing with. #noproblem

There shouldn’t be any issues if the lashes are healthy. #noproblematall

Extensive use of lash extensions!

Lashes go crazy with this one! #explosion

What we really want to see is some eyelashes! #showsome

Consider helping her out while she’s trying out new beauty products. It’s perfectly OK if a lady doesn’t wear cosmetics. #letherbe

Beauty starts with you! Later on, I’ll have some lash extensions as well.

Don’t worry about it. Make a statement about who you are. #portrayoriginality

Makeup is a way to express yourself! #extension

Take control of the situation by applying some fake eyelashes. #rulealltheway

Captions For Twitter With False Eyelashes

It wouldn’t hurt to wear some fake eyelashes for a little while. #whatharm

We’ll be together till the end! Extensions for the rest of my life! #untildeath

Helping us apply make-up isn’t the only use for pals. #friendsforlife

Put on these falsies and be a good friend to someone else! #beafriend

Today I dressed up my best friend! Only a few lash extensions came with me. #bestbride

Do you give your lashes a name? #strange

Try some lash extensions and you’ll see, feel, and experience the magic for yourself! #magic

There is magic in eyelash extensions! #formof

Your eyelashes are the only thing that can go wrong! #protect

Your lashes are the one thing you can’t mess up! #wrong

Your lash extensions aren’t to blame. #wrongsomethingelse

My lashes are gone! #onme

Eyelash extensions are the finest way to enhance your beauty. #bestmakeup

Having Some Artificial Lashes In My Life Is A Must!

Put on a little eyelash extension before you try to fix the world for the sake of us all. #butfirst

Everything about my lashes is flawless. #moreperfect

If your lashes aren’t flawless, nothing is. #nothingis.

The before and after of eyelash extension wearers. #beforeandafter

When your beauty artist forces you to wear false eyelashes since you’re supposed to look your best! #thatmoment

A woman’s best-kept secret is eyelash extensions. #shhh

When you get lash extensions, you’ve finally achieved womanhood! #womanhood

Wearing eyelash extensions is a great way to express your femininity! # fulfill

Wearing lash extensions will fulfill all of your desires! #fullfilall

You can never go wrong with lash extensions! #nicer

I’ve always liked the sensation of having long, lush lashes! #goodygoody