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Droopy Eyes and Renowned Celebrities with Ptosis


Everyone has heard the proverb “your eyes are the windows to your soul.” Furthermore, this claim is entirely true. Your feelings are always visible in your eyes. If you’re happy or unhappy, terrified or excited, they’ll let you know. Without any filter or cover-up, your eyes immediately convey what you are experiencing.

Everybody has a unique set of eyes, which can be rounded, almond, upward, or hooded. Our physical beauty is enhanced by our distinctive iris hues, which can be brown, blue, black, green, grey, hazel, purple, amber, and many more. However, a number of internal and external factors could harm your lovely vision.

We’ll concentrate on one condition in this post that can physically change the structure of your eye and even impair your eyesight. The condition known as ptosis causes the upper lid of your eye to sag over your iris, creating the appearance of having drooping eyes. In order to make you aware that even your favourite Hollywood figures might experience eye ptosis, we will also present a list of celebrities that have the illness.

In this essay, ptosis and how it affects your eyesight will be briefly covered. We shall discuss the treatment for ptosis after discussing the potential causes of this nerve dysfunction. You may learn that ptosis affects people of all ages, from newborn infants to adults, by reading the material above. Before reading our list of celebrities with chin ptosis, let’s first gain a fundamental understanding of this eye problem.

What is Ptosis?

A nerve disorder called blepharoptosis, also referred to as ptosis, causes the top eyelid to droop over the eyeball. Your face may appear worn out and your eyes may appear drooping. When the nerves in your eyelid, specifically the superior tarsal muscle and the oculomotor nerve, are damaged, ptosis develops. Your eyes’ shape and appearance change as a result of their malfunction.

Ptosis can affect anyone, from young children to mature adults. Some people have this problem from birth, which can cause eye fatigue or a closed appearance. The person may need to tilt their head back in order to see if their vision is impaired by their eyelids closing tightly on their iris. Additionally, an eye tumour, cancer, diabetes, and neurological conditions can cause this drooping eye condition. Ptosis can, however, be surgically corrected, aiding in the restoration of eyesight and the aesthetics of the eyelid.

The most famous celebrities with ptosis or droopy eyes

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of ptosis—including its potential causes and treatments—time it’s to identify some people who now have or have had the condition. Here is our ranking of the ten most famous people who have ptosis:

1. Forest Whitaker:  Forest Whitaker is one of the most well-known Hollywood actors with ptosis. The Academy Award-winning actor has been open about his eye problem and is opposed to having surgery to fix it.

2. John F. Kennedy: Is another name on our list of famous people with drooping eyelids. He was the former president of the United States. The 35th president’s eyelids hung down, giving the impression that his eyes were smaller.

3. Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton, a well-known American actress, singer, and model, likewise has droopy eyes. The actress frequently uses makeup to hide the fact that her left eye is smaller than her right eye.

4. Steve Buscemi: The well-known American actor and director Steve Buscemi has ptosis as well. The star has crooked vision and droopy eyes, with his left eye being smaller than his right.

5. Alicia Keys: A singer and songwriter from New York, has joined our list of female celebrities that have ptosis. If you look closely, you can see that the star’s right eye is a little bit smaller than the left.

6. Ryan Gosling:  Another Hollywood A-lister with a drooping eye. The charismatic appeal of the Canadian actor is enhanced by the hooded appearance of his eyes and the lowered eyelids caused by ptosis.

7. Demi Moore: American actress Demi Moore is renowned for having eyes that are just slightly droopy. Age has caused the right upper eyelid of the GI Jane and Ghost actor to droop, making her right eye appear smaller.

8. Thom Yorke: UK-based singer and musician Thom Yorke also features on our list of celebrities with ptosis. Thom was born with paralyzed eyes. The surgery to his eye restored his vision but resulted in a droopy eyelid.

9. Kristen Bell: American TV and film actress Kristen Bell Another well-known person with drooping eyes is Kristen Bell. The actress has deep-set eyes that provide the illusion of ptosis when combined with droopy eyelids.

10. Actor Russell Crowe: Winner of an Academy Award Another well-known celebrity with ptosis is Russell Crowe. The star’s eyes appear smaller due to his heavy eyelids, which droop and obscure a large portion of his iris.


We trust that this post has given you more knowledge about famous people who have ptosis or droopy eyes. Anyone, from young toddlers to elderly persons, can have ptosis, as was previously stated. Numerous of the previously mentioned causes can contribute to this illness. To demonstrate to you that anyone can experience this drooping eye ailment, we have provided a lengthy list of well-known celebrities who also have ptosis. Ptosis can be surgically treated, so if you or a loved one has it, don’t worry.

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