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Chet Sandhu


Eternal Lord of the Sufferers The ascent of a British doorman to a drug kingpin in a renowned Spanish prison rife with Nazis and knife battles

After his capture at gunpoint, Sandhu, actual name Gurchettan, ascended to the top of Fontcalent, a renowned Spanish prison with high-profile inmates.

In one of the most notorious jails globally, a British doorman was transformed into a drug kingpin who ruled the ranks.

When Chet Sandhu was nabbed in Alicante Airport with half a million dollars worth of steroids in 1999, he had no idea what was happening.

As Gurchettan Sandhu rose to the top of Fontcalent, a well-known Spanish prison with high-profile inmates after his capture at gunpoint,

Originally from Hartlepool, he wrote a book on his time in Europe’s worst prison, titled From King of Karachi to Lockdown in the Costa del Crime: Meet the International Smuggler Who Domination Europe’s Worst Prison.

This Is A Tale That Has Haunted Me For A Long Time.”

“It all started with Facebook communications between myself and my buddies.” However, they seemed to enjoy my writings, so I continued writing.

I know some individuals will be offended by this book, people I’ve met and people I have never known. I’m okay with it. If someone has a problem with my tale, they should come and see me. This is my story. As far as I’m concerned, “I’m easy to find.”

An in-depth account of Chet’s efforts to set up an international drug-smuggling route from Karachi, Pakistan, under a fake identity known as Jet Khan is provided in this book.

Prostitutes and corrupt police, and airport officials were among his associates there. He also recruited British visitors to be drug mules there. One of his comrades betrayed him, and he was eventually apprehended.

On the inside, Chet participated in knife fights, became the head of a loan shark syndicate, and safeguarded other inmates, as well as being involved in an escape from prison. He also managed to negotiate the cut-throat politics of opposing Gypsies and Nazi factions.

A weightlifting tournament Chet won on an unofficial inter-wing basis earned him the respect of his fellow inmates.

This book isn’t about how I survived one of the most extreme prisons on the planet, and you should know that as you peruse these pages.”

In place of that, I’ll tell you how I managed to take control of the hellhole I found myself in.

“When I was in prison, everyone abandoned me.” Anyone I asked for aid thought: don’t involve me in this. I know this for a fact.

To choose one person to stand by me among all the gangsters and killers that I’ve encountered, I’ll always choose my Ma.” “She outdoes everyone else.”

While in prison, he was part of a renowned Gateshead street gang, and he was also imprisoned twice, once in a brutal Spanish prison.

It all began on the doors of Newcastle, where he’s now written a new book about his dark background and the regrets he has about it.

His introduction to steroids and the people who could offer them came about due to the relationships he formed in the club scene of the 1990s.

Chet started as a drug user but soon realized that money could be made if he was willing to take risks.

Karachi, Pakistan, was a city plagued with organized crime and corruption, making it difficult for him to conduct his investigation.

All that remained was for him to get his hands on some mules and some security officers who could be persuaded to help him get into Newcastle Airport with suitcases full of steroids ready to be sold on the street, and he would be on his way.

After that, the business strategy shifted, realizing that Valium could be purchased at a lower price in Karachi and sold at a higher price in the UK for $2000.

Three people were killed and Chet was stabbed twice – he returned the favor and stabbed someone else – while he was there.

Some detainees had HIV, and there was no control or safety in place. In a nutshell, it was a rough place.”

Many ex-convicts return to crime after being released from jail because they have no other options or money available.

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