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Chris Klafford and Bob Linger Strong Bonding


Chris Klafford is a singer on the 14th series of America’s Got Talent. He is currently dating Swedish photographer Bob Linger. The couple first met online in January 2013, and made their relationship official in February. While on the show, Linger has taken many of Klafford’s professional photographs. He is currently in the Los Angeles area to support the singer. The couple is not married and have no children.

In July, they met on the set of the Swedish singing competition “The Voice”. The two met online, and their friendship grew from there. In February 2013, they began dating officially, adding each other to Facebook. They have been together for over seven years. In early February, Chris posted a video of himself covering a song by the band Gyllene Tider. On the same day, Bob posted a video of him performing the song ‘Something Like Me.’ The video went viral and received more than ten million views.

The relationship between Chris and Bob is rooted in mutual love. The two met on an internet dating site, and their relationship became official in February of that year. In April 2013, Chris added Bob to his Facebook friends. The two were married on February 6, 2019. Their relationship has endured seven years. Their Instagram accounts are filled with pictures of each other, and their Instagram accounts are practically full of each other’s photos. Despite being long-distance, they are still close and still very close.

The relationship between Chris Klafford Bob Linger has been going strong for nearly seven years. The couple met on a dating website and began dating in 2013. After two months, Chris announced the news on Facebook. The two also went public with their love story and shared several pictures of their love making them even more popular than ever. Christopher Klafford and Bob Linger’s relationship has been in the spotlight for over a year, and their social media accounts reflect this.

Chris-Bob Marital Status:

Although Chris Klafford and Bob Linger are not married, their relationship has a strong foundation. Both were born in Sweden and met at a church in Stockholm. After a year, they began dating. While they had separate homes, the two had a similar childhood. Christoffer won the Swedish Idol in 2017 and won the competition. His dream came true when he met Bob Linger and the two became a couple.

Both of them are single, but the two are still in a romantic relationship. The former is an American Idol contestant, while the latter is a former model and a professional musician. Both of them share the same interests, but are not engaged. They are both friends with their mothers and are proud of their success. And in their respective fields, Chris and Bob are a great match.

Despite their age difference, the two are not married and have been dating for almost six years. Their relationship started on the Internet. After meeting in person, they began dating and lived in Sweden for about three months. In an interview with the press, Chris described Bob as his “rock” and they both love music. They were first introduced on American Idol Sweden, which aired in August 2004.

How Long They’ve Been Dating?

The two have been dating for 5 years. Their relationship has been a hot topic of gossip and has made the media. The relationship is a great fit for the two. Both have been openly candid about their relationship. Whether they’re in a serious relationship is up for debate. The two are both highly successful and live in Sweden. So how do they plan to spend their lives? Let’s see!

Besides being open and transparent about their relationship, the two also communicate through social media. They share their lives on Twitter and Instagram. However, they are not publicizing their love life on Twitter. Nevertheless, the couple is a couple. Their Instagram accounts are active and they post about their lives. They are very happy with each other, and their social media pages are lively. The relationship between the two is a great source of gossip.