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Christian Ricci Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life


Christina Ricci was known for her acting. She played a number of roles throughout her career. She was awarded numerous distinctions, among them her award from the National Board of Review for maintaining the role of Supporting Character as well as numerous other prizes. While she was still growing up She entered the world of films. She appeared in Wednesday Addams, Now and Then, Buffalo 66, Pecker, The Opposite of Sex and many others. In addition to this film, she has also produced the TV show.

Christian Ricci Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

Early Life

Her birth name was Christina Ricci. She was born onto the earth on the 22nd of January, the year 1980. Her very first breaths in Santa Monica, which is located in California. She was one of four children. She was born to Sarah Ricci and Ralph Ricci. In order to earn money her mother was employed in the Ford Agency as a model in the latter half of 1960. Her father was an agent for travel. Apart from being the agency, she also served as a Gym Instructor and Lawyer as well as a drug dealer. She had Italian Ancestry. Her father was married to an Irish woman. They got married to Irish women as they believed they were more fathers. It is possible to call her an Scott Irish. When she was a child, she moved to Montclair in the state of New Jersey. situated in New Jersey. She was educated in Edgemont Elementary School, Glenfield Middle School as well as Morristown Beard School. She then had to finish her high schooling at the Professional Children School, which was within New York. There were also siblings named Rafael, Dante, and Pia. In her teens the parents split up.


When she was in school and was just eight an old woman, she begun her career in the theater. She was a part of the production called “The Twelve Days of Christmas. The product was so envious of its rival that she yelled at him each day. In frustration, he punched her in the face. Her debut came in 1990 that was dubbed “Mermaids.” She had been the character Cher which was her youngest of the children. She was also a part of the music video as well as her co-star, as well as the name of the music video is “The Shoop Shuoop Sing .”In the next year, she was in movies like The Addams Family. She played the character as Barry Sonnefeld. She was also featured in the sequel to the show known as Addams Family Values. She played the lead in the film, playing Casper the main role. In the film, she was praised for her performance and received both favorable and negative reviews. It was one of the top 10 films which are the most grossing movies. She has a variety of films, like asAll Over the Guy, Prozac nation, Miranda, The Gathering, Anything else, and many more. She was also a part of the Television series that was referred to in the form of H.E.L.P, The Simpsons, Joey, Grey Anatomy, Saving Grace, The Good Wife, Lizzie border Took an Ax, 50 States of Fright, Yellowjackets and numerous others. She has won numerous honors, such as the Golden Globe Award, Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild, Independent spirit award as well as many other awards to add to her collection.

Personal Life

Christian Ricci Net Worth, Career, Personal and Early Life

She is an extremely ambitious girl. However, she was suffering from a disorder of anxiety and anorexia. She had tattoos over her bodies. She was a lover of Owen Benjamin, and they split, but then she was engaged to Ricci Hampton. They were happy with two kids. The couple was married on October 9th. They were married in 2021.

Net Worth

She owns a total amount that is $1.4 million and has earned it from her acting and TV career.