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Dad and Buried: The Anti-Parent Parenting Blog


You were out of luck if you ever believed that dad buried the anti-parent parenting blog. Parents love this blog, which has been operating for more than ten years. A thirty-year-old native of Brooklyn named Mike Julianelle takes a hilarious yet practical approach to parenting concerns. Along with sharing his experiences with parents, he offers parenting advice. You’ll discover a few humorous pieces to read, regardless of your current parenting approach.

Julianelle’s dad buried the anti-parenting blog

Blogger Mike Julianelle asserts that his website is anti-parental and that he uses it to vent his resentment toward parents, the media, and “parenting gurus” who don’t get the challenges of motherhood. Even though Julianelle acknowledges that fatherhood is challenging, he can still be “authentic to himself” and stay away from parenting errors.

A thirty-something Brooklynite named Mike is the subject of this blog. He and his wife has recently relocated to North Carolina, and he is already grumbling about his new duties. His blog serves as a fatherhood journal. Mike Julianelle will have a perfect child in a few years and be a parenting pro. Likewise, Mike’s blog is quite funny. He adores his wife and son as well.

Even though Julianelle argues that his site is anti-parent, it is nevertheless a fun place for both parents and kids to visit. He makes an effort to be as genuine as he can be while yet keeping things family-friendly. Even though it’s not always easy to raise kids, he thinks that most parents will find humour in his posts. For the past two years, Julianelle has been a stay-at-home mother. He also works as a freelance writer and maintains a number of active social media profiles.

That’s funny

You might enjoy reading dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog if you’re a new parent. It addresses parenting issues that all parents deal with, such as family conflicts and drug abuse. A father who has experienced it all and has a distinct anti-parental stance is the author of this site. Any parent would benefit from reading this blog, and it might even make you a better parent!

The author, Julianelle, calls himself a “counter-parent” who vents his resentment on other parents and criticism on his parenting blog. Although he is negative and disparaging, he still understands that parenting is difficult and stressful at times. His goal is to establish a forum where readers may share their experiences without fear of criticism. Many readers find Dad and Buried to be hilarious, but not everyone may.

The author of Dad and Buried is American blogger Mike Julianelle. He’s a 30-year-old father from Brooklyn. Readers will value the candid perspective of a parent in his posts because they are thoughtful and funny. Laugh out loud stories about parenting and family life can be found. Many parenting hints and suggestions can be found here. You’ll like Dad and Buried if you’re a new parent.

You’ll enjoy reading it

The Dad and Buried the Anti Parent blog may be helpful for parents who are having parenting difficulties. It has been around for more than ten years and is incredibly well-liked by both parents and non-parents. It emphasises parenting and other relevant subjects from a media perspective. Drug abuse, disputes in the family, and marital issues are all covered. The site is primarily instructive, and readers will have little trouble connecting with the material.

A father launched the anti-parenting blog in 2011. Its goal is to inform readers about child abuse and increase their understanding of the difficulties parents experience. Although the website first served as a warning to other parents, it has since developed into a well-liked resource for parents worldwide. Read it for the witty tweets and intelligent writings about parenting-related topics. It’s worthwhile to read. It will teach you a lot.

Read this parenting blog if you are a parent who is sick of putting up with your children’s disobedience. It will make you laugh and is written by a dad. You’ll also pick up some fresh parenting knowledge. You’ll also make fun of yourself for doing it! This blog is worthwhile to read if you’re a parent. The author offers a sage perspective on parenting and a novel perspective on fatherhood.

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