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Dan Osborne uncovers he’s back-friendly with ex Megan Tomlin


Dan Osborne uncovers he’s back-friendly with Ex-girlfriend  “Megan Tomlin”.

Dan Osborne has revealed he’s back and is on good terms with ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin three years after ‘threatening to stab her.’

In a random  interview with The Sun, the 27-year-old Ex-TOWIE star revealed that he is back to being friends with the mother of his son Teddy after his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house turned him into a different person.’

Corresponding to his conduct in the accounts, he added: ‘I was youthful, idiotic, I disdain in any event, hearing anything about it. I’m 100% humiliated with regards to it.

‘It was during the most noticeably terrible a great time. I was discouraged. It was horrendous.’

Better: Dan let The Sun know that he ‘gets on all around well’ with Megan, four years after tapes were uncovered where he heard saying he would ‘stick in a blade’ in her (above in 2013

Close: The star added that he was an ‘alternate individual in those days and is presently managing everything well with the mother of his child Teddy (above)

In the exclamation-ridden tapes that were initially procured by The Sun, Dan could be heard irately compromising Megan in. she was at any point found to have undermined him.

It said: ‘I swear on this current kid’s life I will take your f****** life if you shag another man. Never in your f****** life would you say you will be with another man? I can swear on my child’s life.’

The aftermath drove Dan to be cut out from The Main Way Is Essex, and his relationship with Megan reached a conclusion after it was uncovered his now-spouse Jacqueline Jossa was pregnant with his kid.

On the up: This comes as Dan appears to have accommodated with spouse Jacqueline Jossa, following a time of burdens where he had to deny engaging in extramarital relations

Since Dan came third in Big-name Older sibling, it appears he has accommodated with spouse Jacqueline after a progression of misfortunes, which included him being compelled to deny an issue with Adoration Island star Gabby Allen.

Jacqueline pronounced her adoration for her better half Dan in a sweet online media post after being brought together with the couples’ child girl Mia.

She composed: ‘It’s great to have this man back. My young ladies were so eager to see daddy. He did as such well. Good and bad times, giggling and tears, I love you. Continuously.’

Flawless: Jacqueline proclaimed her adoration for spouse Dan in a sweet web-based media post after he was brought together with the couples’ child girl Mia

Dan’s sincere visit came after he likewise uncovered the justification for why housemate Rodrigo Alves was eliminated from the house, the reason for which had recently been covered in secret.

Addressing The Sun, Dan uncovered the Rodrigo had ‘accomplished something unseemly,’ which left him feeling ‘awkward’; however, it didn’t uncover any further subtleties.

He said: ‘There was an occurrence in the house. It was simply something inappropriate, and I didn’t see the value in it. I would genuinely prefer not to discuss it.

Standing up: Dan conceded that Rodrigo Alves was taken out from the VIP Older sibling house, as he accomplished something ‘ improper,’ which left him awkward.