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David Laid Career Beginnings and Net Worth


David Laid has a very high net worth. This fitness guru is currently in a relationship with dancer Julia Jackson. While neither of them has revealed any details about their relationship, they are close and have been together for two years. Although they haven’t revealed the specifics of their relationship, they have politely told reporters that they are not related and that they don’t know each other’s families.

The wealth of David Laid is difficult to estimate, however, as his YouTube career started around the age of 12. He’s been uploading videos since July 2009 and could have amassed a lot of money over the years. While he’s not been completely honest about his net worth, he has stated that he spends a lot of it on traveling and fun. He hasn’t disclosed the exact amount of money he earns, but it’s likely a large amount.

Laid’s YouTube channel has made him very popular among fitness enthusiasts. The YouTube channel features videos of his workouts and has 1.4 million followers. He’s also a successful bodybuilder who’s endorsed many products. His Instagram account has more than 10 lakh subscribers, indicating that his content has a loyal following. In addition to this, Laid’s YouTube channel has amassed 10 lakh subscribers.

David Laid Net Worth Details

The net worth of David Laid is estimated at 100 thousand dollars. David Laid net worth is drawn primarily from his modeling contracts and sponsorships. Despite his career, Laid is a regular gym owner in Estonia and is a very private person. Besides this, he’s incredibly private about his relationships. His Instagram account contains about a million followers and he doesn’t post much about his love life on social media.

David Social Media Appearance

Laid’s YouTube channel has gained more than 850,000 subscribers. The fitness star has a very high net worth. He was born in Estonia on January 29, 1998. His parents were both bodybuilders and his parents are also bodybuilders. His teenage years were spent focused on gaining muscle. He now has a net worth of $1-5 million. He’s also an active member of the Barbell Brigade and has a Twitter account with more than ninety-five million followers.

The fitness guru and weightlifter David Laid is the youngest member of the Forbes’ Top 10 Fitness YouTubers. His net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. He is an internet sensation and a fitness guru with more than one million followers on Instagram. While his income comes primarily from fitness training, his popularity has come from commercials. His social media presence has also helped his net worth rise to $11.5 million.

Estimated Net Worth

David Laid has a net worth of $125,000. His YouTube channel has over 1.2 million followers. He earns $2.7K per month from his YouTube videos. His Instagram profile has over ninety thousand followers, while his YouTube channel has more than six million subscribers. He posts a mix of pictures on his blog and on Instagram. His net worth is a result of his popularity and adoring fans. If you’re looking for YouTubers, then David Laid should be the person you want to follow.

His popularity has grown in the past few years. He has become a YouTube sensation and has over nine million subscribers. His videos have become a huge source of income for many. His videos also feature interviews with other fitness enthusiasts and Q&A sessions. His online channel has helped him achieve his net worth of a billion dollars. There are many ways that his videos have increased his success. Aside from selling products, Laid has made millions of subscribers.

As an internet celebrity, David Laid’s social media page has more than 1.2 million followers. His Facebook account is followed by about 4,000 people. His YouTube channel has a subscriber list of 900k. The video has over 125 million views. The following videos have contributed to his net worth. One of them is titled “How to Make Money From YouTube” and is dedicated to making money from it.

David Laid earned millions of dollars from his YouTube videos. In addition to his YouTube earnings, he also has a huge fan base on Instagram. His body transformation videos have more than 1.4 million followers. Additionally, the YouTube channel also generates revenue through sponsorships. In addition to his YouTube videos, he has written two eBooks on bodybuilding. While his writing has been a big hit, he is still unable to make any money from this project