Fan Sign from a Beautiful lady by the name of Alicia.


Dear Kissy:

I must admit I am so honored that you thought enough of me to want to be friends with me. I want you to also know that your many posts throughout last year while I was going through my separation and eventual divorce really kept up my spirits. I was constantly trying to make sense of non-sense. After I lost my wife to adultery I almost flunked out of school after receiving a D and C grade. I was too busy on the phone calling up these two guys trying to find out if my wife and them were having sex. I was very upset to learn that one of the men was a lifelong friend of mine and they had dated three years prior to me meeting her. I can remember at a soul food restaurant calling him over to introduce him to my new wife in 2007 neither acted as if they knew each other or disclosed their prior relationship to me. Then months later after seeing her at the Tyler Perry play they began calling and texting constantly from 7am until 1am daily and I would ask who she was texting she said her 21 yr old daughter away in college. In the seven years I had known her I never once heard her lie or curse I worked so hard in class to provide her a much better life so that she could give up the six day work week.

After I lost my wife I was depressed and suicidal and your posts and words saved me. Thank you so much Kissy. Now I’m here all finished with law school and got my masters and no one to celebrate with. It hurts dearly. I have 8 more classes to earn my PhD imagine Dr. Larry…..”.”

Once I read a lot of your thoughts and keen insight I knew that I needed me my own Kissy I knew that I was simply settling and I wanted me a woman of substance just like you are. I must first concentrate on passing the two bar exams in August and then find me a good wife whom I could spoil and be appreciated for the little things called consideration. Yes Kissy you made me see black females differently you see I never ever dated any female who had anything other than a high school diploma and a bad negative attitude towards every man. You opened up my eyes Kissy and after I come back from my Las Vegas vacation seeing my favorite cousin perform in Vegas he is a comedian with his own show now at the Westin on flamingo his name is James Bean and his show is Thursdays thru Sundays starting May 5th. He also finished law school in Memphis Tennessee but chose to pursue comedy.

Ms Kissy I love you in so many ways I can’t even begin to tell you but one day I am going to see you somewhere and give you the biggest hug you ever had in your life.

Larry with the PHD