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Doreen Blythe


She died on Saturday at the age of 86 after a five-year battle with sickness. Doreen Wise was the wife of comedian Ernie Wise, who died in 2004.

She died at the age of 73 after 46 years of marriage to the legendary comedian, and she said that the key to a successful marriage was “lots of sex.”

He died in 1999 at the age of 67, when she was 67 and he was 72 when they were married. She met him when she was 15 years old and married him at 21. She had two children with him.

The fact that she turned down two marriage offers after she was widowed was due to her belief that “no one else could possibly measure up.”

A large portion of Doreen’s multi-million-pound wealth is said to have been funded by Ernie’s earnings as a member of the Morecambe and Wise comedy troupe.

For the time being, legal counsel will be in charge of holding the funds.

As the widow of a national hero, she talked openly about the challenges she encountered daily.

‘Taking the dog for a walk was quite beneficial. In her memory, she remembered how she would scream and run out to the very bottom of the garden.

When individuals began approaching me and saying, “I’m so sorry about your husband,” I decided to stop going out with them.

‘What A Pleasure!’ Says The Author

It was difficult for her to cope since she knew they were well-intentioned.

Even as late as 2011, Doreen admitted that she had prioritized Ernie’s career above her own family’s needs.

She once said that sex was the key to her long-term happiness in marriage, and she was right.

‘I never said no, and I never had a headache,’ she explains about her life.

During the day, we would eat what we called “Sunshine Breakfasts,” and in the evening, we would have what we called “Marvellous Machines.” With him being at work all of the time, his evenings were usually quiet.

Ernie and Doreen took the choice to not establish a family from the beginning of their relationship, and they were right.

“Ernie always told me that when there are children involved, the lady stays at home, and that’s where the trouble lies,” she adds.

It would have been impossible for him to tolerate infidelity given his awareness of the temptations of the road.

Doreen and Ernie met on the set of the same television show in 1947 and fell in love on the spot. They were married in 1949.

‘I was usually on the road with Ernie when we first began dating,’ she claimed, describing herself as a dancer.

We’d often only have a tiny window of opportunity to meet up at the train station, but the difficulty was that we were never alone when it happened.

Ernie would come up to me at a railway station while I waited, and he would greet me with a huge grin.

‘ Eric, on the other hand, would be standing next to him. He was a difficult person to get rid of. Otherwise, we’d be trapped with Eric for the rest of our lives if we didn’t find him a woman to date.

Her close-up and intimate observation of the two performers’ friendship was enhanced by the fact that she was traveling with them.

According to her in 2009, “If Ernie was here and you were talking to me, he’d go make the tea and be prepared to fade into the background,” she said.

If Eric were there, things would be pretty different!

He’d be the star of the performance, putting on a show just for you. It was critical for him that everyone’s attention be drawn to him.

From what I can see, they were not homosexuals in the least…

I simply thought that was amusing.

‘I didn’t believe they were in too close proximity,’ he explains. In the first place, Eric was not sharing a bed with my spouse. That I was the greatest was evident to me from the outset.

Eric tied the wedding with Joan six weeks before Ernie and Doreen exchanged vows with one other. In 1984, he passed away at the age of 58.