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Dual Universe: Release Date and All the Latest Features of the Game that You Want to Know


Dual Universe is a space simulation video game which is a sandbox design game of multiplayer.  The Player has access to control and change the environment based on creativity. The game focuses on the collective social gameplay in which exploration, mining minerals, crafting products, trade economics, politics with warfare strategy included.

There is a server technology that reduces the time delay and increases the processing speed of the game. The major development of the game has been completed. Dual Universe will be released on 24 October 2020 Full version of the game the alpha version of the game will be launched.

Release Date of Dual Universe

Gameplay will follow the backstory which takes place in 2027. Space scientists are working on the plan of 498 years to leave the earth and find out other new planets. There are many earth shapes in the game that carry massive objects and transporting men and material. The first art ship started to flee to earth heading towards in different parts of the galaxy.

The gameplay follows a Single continuous undivided universe in which one person plays the game. The advanced technologies used in the game chess CSSC (continuous single shared cluster) for enhancing the game experience. Players from different parts of the universe interact in a single world. The entertainment industry is using modern computer technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning which have a prominent position in the development of next-generation future games.

Basically the game forces on the expression where the players find out the mineral and other natural resources for living to increase economy, crafting practicing politics, etc. In the game, players can construct the space station that can be further extended as a part of the planet. Here you can see the trailer of the upcoming game.