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Who Is Elaine Andreijanssen & What Is Her Background?


Born in Singapore in the 1980s, Elaine Andreijanssen is best known as the wife of Eduardo Saverin, a well-known businessman and financial expert. As a co-founder and investor in Facebook, her husband holds around 2 percent of the company’s total shares.

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It’s A Rich Life For Elaine Andreijanssen

It’s possible that Elaine Andreijanssen’s riches comes from her family’s inheritance and her own successful business endeavours, but her personal net worth remains a mystery.

Her hubby, who is estimated to be worth over $10 billion, would undoubtedly benefit from her success as well.

Life In The Workplace And At Home

With her parents’ Singapore businesses, Elaine’s family was able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for their family. Since she was a youngster, she had a dream of being financially independent. One of the oldest and most prestigious high schools in Singapore, Raffle Girl’s School, was where she attended high school.

Tufts University in Massachusetts is where she studied after graduating from high school. The university is well-known for its focus on global outreach and study abroad programmes, and many foreign institutions have worked with it in the past.

After finishing her education in the United States, she returned to Singapore and began working in the financial sector. Franklin Templeton Investments, a global investment firm with a New York City headquarters, employed her as a Quantitative Research Analyst.

Neither Elaine Andriejanssen nor Eduardo Saverin were involved.

At the same time that she was working as a financial analyst at an investment bank, she was also responsible for monitoring the growth of her family’s business in Singapore.

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Eduardo Saverin, The Wife Of Saverin

 Elaine Andriejanssen

Eduardo was born on March 19, 1982, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, into a well-to-do Brazilian Jewish family. His father is a wealthy real estate developer and his mother is a licenced clinical psychologist, so it’s not a mystery that they both have great occupations.

After graduating from Gulliver Preparatory School in the United States, he was quickly admitted into Harvard University, one of the world’s premier institutions and a member of the Ivy League.

He majored in finance in college but developed a passion for meteorology, which helped him make $300,000 on oil futures bets.

A fellow student named Mark Zuckerberg approached him during his time at Harvard with the idea of creating an online social network for Harvard students. Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, was founded in 2004 with a $2,000 investment.

Saverin served as the company’s CFO as the firm developed, increasing their financial responsibilities (CFO).

One of the most prominent websites in the world, Facebook paved the path for social media and networking. With this, the present internet-driven cultural change was kicked off.

Difference Of Opinions, Other Projects, And Conflicts With Saverin

Eduardo used to have a far larger stake in Facebook, with 53 million Facebook shares worth $2 billion in 2012, but he was thrown out of the company by fellow co-founder Mark Zuckerberg after a disagreement.

Both companies have been sued by Facebook for a variety of reasons, including disagreements over stock purchase agreements.

The plaintiff launched a lawsuit against Zuckerberg based on this. By both instances were settled out of court, he was able to keep his position as a co-founder of Facebook after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Since then, he’s invested in and co-founded several more companies. His name appears on Aporta, an online platform for charitable giving that he co-founded. He invested $30 million in the Asian logistics business Ninja Van, as well as in Jumio, an online mobile payments company, and Qwiki, an automated movie production company.

He ultimately renounced his US citizenship in 2011 after much discussion and controversy and stated his decision to live and work in Singapore. While in Singapore, where he has resided for the last 10 years, he was able to avoid an estimated $700 million in capital gains taxes.

Personal After a year of dating, Lif Andriejanssen and Saverin tied the knot on the French Riviera in 2015. It’s a major port of call for cruise ships, and it’s also one of the first high-end resort areas in the globe. As a result of his performance in the film, “The Social Network,” Andrew Garfield has become a household name.