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Esme Young Wiki, Biography, Age, Married, Husband, Net Worth And More


Esme Young was born in 1949, making her debut in the world that year. She was a well-known television personality in addition to her successful career as an English fashion designer.

Her work in the fashion industry garnered her a lot of attention. Her position as a New Presenter has enabled her to amass a significant amount of experience in the relevant industry. Her entire adult life has been spent working in the fashion industry.

She plans to address both the personal and professional elements of her life in a great deal of depth on her blog. This website offers a great amount of information on Esme Young, such as her age, the name of her husband, the career she has, the amount of money she makes, as well as her net worth and her income. In addition, this website also includes her income and her net worth.

Esme Young Wiki

On January 29th, 1949, Esme Young made her debut into the world. This date is significant since it is the anniversary of her birth.

In addition to her profession in the fashion industry in England, she also has a job as a presenter on several television programmes. She has been a judge on many episodes of the reality show “The Great British Sewing Bee,” which airs on the BBC. She has participated in the show on multiple occasions.

This website provides a wealth of information regarding Esme Young’s professional and personal life, such as her biography, her age, the name of her husband, her annual income and net worth, as well as the industry in which she currently works. The website also includes the industry in which she was previously employed.

Esme Young Biography

Esme Young came into the world on January 29th, 1949. This date marks the anniversary of her birth. In addition to her career as a fashion designer in England, she also works as a presenter on television. The Great British Sewing Bee is a reality show that is broadcast on the BBC, and she has served as a judge on the show.

This site is filled with a plethora of information pertaining to Esme Young’s personal life and professional endeavours, such as her biography, her age, the name of her husband, her income and net worth, and the nature of the work that she does.

The beginning of life

During her time as a student in a convent, Young developed her abilities as an artist as well as a seamstress. She was able to make great improvement in each of these areas while she was there, and the time there was well spent for her.

After that, she completed her studies at Central St. Martins, which at the time was known as Saint Martins School of Art but has since changed its name. Willie Walters, an additional designer, was one of the people she met there who went on to become a friend of hers and was one of the people she became acquainted with while working there.


Judy Dewsbury and Esme Young, both fashion designers that create apparel that is beneficial to the environment Melanie Herberfield and Willie Walters have a retail shop in Camden Town called Swanky Modes. It was opened by the two of them.

Additional images of the clothing were taken with the assistance of Helmut Newton, David Bailey, Nick Knight, and John Swannell. Numerous publications, including Vogue, Nova, Honey, and The Face, have repeatedly highlighted Swanky Modes’s sartorial creations. These publications include “The Face.”

Esme Young Family/Husband Name

  • There is no information available concerning her family at this time.
  • That is the name of her husband.
  • She is not involved with anyone.

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