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Ex-Wife Sunetry Sastry’s Untold Story – Rowan Atkinson’s Ex-Wife


Rowan Atkinson’s ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry, is an English make-up artist best known for her role as Mr. Bean in the hit television series. She was born in 1957. Among the films, he has worked on are “Johnny English” and “The Lion King.” It was after 25 years of marriage that the couple decided to call it a day.

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Affluence in the family of Sunetra Sastry

According to Forbes, Rowan Atkinson has a net worth of more than $130 million, and she obtained a divorce settlement of an estimated $650,000.

Life In The Workplace And In The Home

In high school, Sunetra got enthralled with the world of make-up and the potential of making a career in it.

Even though her parents first objected, they relented and allowed her to attend London’s Beauty College. When she originally decided to go into nursing, her parents were adamantly opposed; nevertheless, they eventually relented and urged her to follow her heart.

After completing her education in the United Kingdom, she worked on the set of the television program “Black Adder” and met actor Rowan Atkinson. It wasn’t long before she was cast in the BBC’s “Smack & Thistle” movie.

It wasn’t until he graduated with a master’s degree in electrical engineering that Rowan Atkinson (husband) decided to become an actor. In his early years, he was a student of theoretical physics. After writing and performing a series of sketches at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1976, he became well-known.

“The Atkinson People,” a radio program in which he interviewed imagined “great personalities,” was the catalyst for his acting career. On television, he started with “Not the Nine O’clock News” and “Canned Laughter.”

Success in those parts led to a position in “Blackadder,” where he played the titular role. Although it was originally intended as an antihero film, producers decided to make it into a television series because of its widespread appeal. Each season would centre on one of Blackadder’s descendants, from the Middle Ages through World War I. Since then, Atkinson has become one of Britain’s most sought-after comic performers

Rowan Atkinson Is An Author

Ex-Wife Sunetry Sastry's Untold Story – Rowan Atkinson's Ex-Wife

For five years in 1990, Atkinson reimagined himself as Mr. Bean, a role he took on in Mr. Bean and other Atkinson ventures. It was when he was working on his master’s degree that he came up with the idea for Mr. Bean, an adult man who seems to be a child.

The actor was awarded several accolades for his performance of the character in the television show. Because he spoke in very few words, Mr. Bean’s demeanor appealed to a wide audience.

Zazu’s voice was given by him for the Lion King film as well as for “Mr. Bean”. This Disney classic, acclaimed as one of the company’s most famous animated films, follows the ascent of a young lion to the throne of his country.

Johnny English, a 2003 satire of spy flicks like “James Bond,” had him as the primary character. The part of Mr. Bean has often been revived by Atkinson in one-off shows throughout his career.

One of Britain’s funniest actors, he has lately appeared in a TV series portraying George Simenon’s “Maigret” in the role.

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My Personal Narrative

 Ex-Wife Sunetry Sastry's Untold Story – Rowan Atkinson's Ex-Wife

Sunetra met Rowan while doing the make-up for Stephen Fry’s “Black Adder” co-star. Rowan encouraged Fry to change make-up artists in order to get to know her. When Fry and Atkinson were married a year after they started dating after working together for a few months, Fry acted as his best man. They had been married for 24 years and had two children together before announcing their separation.

After the couple announced their divorce in 2014, rumors spread that the actor had cheated on his wife. Soon after their breakup, Louise Ford, a comedian, was said to have been dating Rowan.

He missed the hearing a year after his divorce from Sastry because he failed to show up, and the case was immediately determined. Among those who have come out against him is his daughter. In contrast, Sunetra’s ex-husband has just had his third child, making him a distant figure in the media.