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5 Best Fake ID Websites of 2022 Comprehensive Review


Need to get beyond restrictions and obstacles imposed by the government? Do you need to go on an adventure to find freedom? Teenagers in particular desire to enjoy their lives;

They want to be free to drive automobiles, go to clubs, attend parties, consume alcohol, and engage in other activities. You need a fake ID if you want to achieve all of these things.

What is a fake id?

As the name suggests, a fake id is any kind of identification that is not legitimately issued by or recognised by the government. In other terms, it is referred to as an ID card that a minor uses to enter restricted areas.

5 Best fake ID Websites 2022

There are a tonne of fake ID websites that will attempt to create a “genuine” false ID for you, but which ones are the best?

You can give your information to these businesses, which deal with clients directly online, and they will utilise it to create a phoney ID. It typically takes 7 to 14 days to duplicate and send a procedure to your address.

Customers who are in a pressing need can, however, pay more for the express service to receive it quicker than the 7-day window.

The cost of these false ID cards varies depending on the state and the type of ID you desire, but it generally costs between $80 and $150.

Their delivery procedures are also not explicitly stated out of concern about being exposed.

What is the best way to tell if a fake id website is genuine?

As was already established, there are legitimate fake ID websites, but there are also fraudsters that take advantage of people looking for their services and take advantage of them. The following characteristics define a reliable fake ID website with excellent feedback.

Check out the following websites if you’re looking for a reliable fake ID source.

The methods or choices for payment
Available state ID types Customer privacy Company information includes a location.
Printing methods and equipment are utilised to produce ID that is of high quality and resembles the original.
Customer service programme
Software information generators are used in web interfaces to generate reliable information for false ID orders.
opinions of clients
Additionally, these phoney IDs are verified by certain ID features found on real ID cards and apps that are used to recognise them, such as the Magnetic strip and BCS reading scanner or Show-Me ID app. With that said, please find our list of the top 5 items for July 2022 below.


IDTOP.IS has built a reputation as the world’s best fake ID producer over many years of operation. It has its headquarters in China and is well recognised for providing novelty IDs (digital and virtual ID cards) for authentication.

Their prices, card quality, and services are all appealing. Working with them is unquestionably justified by the great ratings on their website.

Depending on where you are, the process takes one to three weeks to complete after you order free duplicate copies.

They are known for producing state ID cards for New Texas, Vermont, Alaska, and Arizona. Other states include Connecticut, Georgia, California, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Virginia, Utah, Washington, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Minnesota. South Dakota, Indiana, Montana, and Hawaii were most recently added.


Possibility of tracking orders and a discount of 10% to 40% on bulk cards
creates personalised false identification that includes licence numbers and expiration dates.
Delivery via express service takes three days.
These are top-notch cards that go through the majority of security checks and scanning devices.
There is a service for resellers that provides duplicates without charge.
Information about the ID is sent online.


At $80, ID is expensive.


If you want premium novelty IDs with cutting-edge security measures, this service provider is unbeatable. They are based in Hong Kong and are renowned for making their cards using thermal processes and multiple layer imaging. On our website, we have a thorough evaluation of that you can read to learn more.

A living legend, TOPFAKEID regularly supplies hundreds of fake identification to American schools. Numerous news articles have featured him.

He has been in business for over ten years and each week, literally hundreds of I.D.s are distributed to American campuses.

The cards are embedded with holograms, scannable codes for any system, and enhanced security measures.

They produce fake state identification cards for the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Utah, Georgia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Nebraska, Vermont, Oregon, Louisiana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, and Virginia. These products are offered both inside and outside of the state of origin.


a user-friendly, well-designed web interface
fresh templates
IDs with strong security and free duplicates
Adaptable payment options and discounts for large orders
secure delivery mechanism that is quick
Before shipping, a picture is necessary.


Better customer service during the weekends


One of the top fake ID vendors is 5thfloordmv, and after starting out on Reddit by selling one state, it has grown to offer more than 10 state IDs and is now the most sought-after option.

Their customers love them because of their excellent quality, perfection, and excellence. They maintain a low profile and only accept small orders; they do not accept bulk orders.

Their online address is, and popular state IDs include Kansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Colorado, and Illinois.


a reliable website for false IDs with more than 5 years of expertise.

Listed on a lot of reliable websites, such Reddit.
Incredible and prompt customer service.


The order is restricted to only taking 5 to 10 every day.
prolonged delivery period

For 23 US states, including Maine, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Kansas, Maryland, Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, Utah, California, and Florida, they produce fictitious state identification documents (IDS).


Create state IDs using the most recent templates.
Top-notch security features are built into IDs to go over holographic, barcode, UV backlight, bend, and scan checks.
Cards constructed from polycarbonate that is DMV-grade

In 3 to 5 days, finished cards are supplied.
The procedure is entirely online.
Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards are accepted as payment methods (Bitcoin)
Clients receive duplicates for free


The cost of cards starts at $100.


This phoney id service lacks trustworthiness and raises suspicions in the minds of many due to its unclear location and subpar customer support.

Despite all these drawbacks, some clients have had positive interactions with them. The sole review promotes its services on Collegerag and makes them available in all 50 US states, but particularly in Texas.


the most recent templates
There are several good holographic characteristics.


Poorly rated website with a subpar interface
customer service absent
Since orders are typically not completed, many customers are dissatisfied.

No privacy whatsoever, including with regard to payment methods

Our Last Words is the finest website to get a reliable fake ID, according to an analysis of the offers and customer interactions. The quality, cost, and delivery of its services are outstanding. It is understandable why users and consumers give it a 5-star rating.

Our second-best awards go to and The prize for this position for their scannable phoney id cards will be split between the two.

As already established, con artists are looking to steal your money and run. Therefore, take care to avoid burning your fingertips. So they deliver an ID card with incorrect information or keep delaying until whenever since they are so doubtful.

How can I tell the difference between a Real and Fake ID website?

Scammers will always exist. Because it is a fake ID website, scammers will take advantage of innocent people who are just trying to have the time of their lives. To avoid scammers or wasting your money on shady websites, there are several things to watch out for.

Review the Reviews

Before moving on, consult popular websites like Reddit and other trustworthy websites. Read the reviews as well. If they are all good and there are no negatives, it is a hoax. Since it is a phoney ID service, there will always be some unhappy clients.

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