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Folifort: What you really need to fight against the baldness


Getting frustrated of your baldness? Want to know the solution? Baldness is a common problem faced by men as they age. By age 35, up to two-thirds of males in the United States experience hair loss to some degree, and the statistic rises to 85% by age 50.

Some of the signs can begin to appear at a young age, sometimes at puberty. Baldness and thinning hair can lead to a loss of self-confidence, so many are looking for ways to prevent them.

Baldness does not happen overnight, it can last for several years and, in some cases, decades. For this reason, it is useful to be aware of the warning signs of baldness from the first moment. If you notice signs such as thinner hair in the area of ​​the forehead and temples, it is normal that you worry and think that you are going to go bald.

Causes of Male Baldness

When it comes to accepting baldness, many people find it helpful to understand the causes of this change. Changes in hair condition range from mild thinning to more severe and advanced baldness – each situation is unique.

– Genetics can contribute to the predisposition to suffer from male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). Baldness is hereditary and if you have a family history, it is possible that you inherit that trait.

– Stress. A high level of stress can cause a large number of hair follicles to enter the resting phase, a phenomenon known as telogen effluvium, which causes hair to fall out faster.

– Living with unhealthy habits can cause premature baldness. Smoking, not sleeping, and a diet deficient in essential nutrients can lead to baldness

– Previous illnesses. Some types of alopecia, anemia, arthritis, hypertension, or thyroid dysfunction can contribute to hair loss

– Medical treatments and drugs, such as radiation, can cause hair loss, thinning, or baldness. Hair is usually renewed and grows after treatment, but may not be as thick again


Most of baldness cases are directly linked to genetic factors and to a greater sensitivity of each person to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), produced from testosterone, through the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This increased sensitivity to the hormone is an inherited tendency and there is no way to change it, however there are ways to control the production of DHT, which can have benefits for hair loss.

DHT is an androgen hormone (ie it is present in both men and women) but is found mostly in males. Despite being useful and performing important functions, especially for men, it can lead to permanent hair loss in people with greater sensitivity to its action. By binding to hair bulb receptors, DHT progressively reduces the number of cells that produce hair. With fewer cells producing, the strands become thinner and weaker (miniaturization of the strands), until they fall out. Furthermore, another effect caused by DHT is the reduction in the time of the anagen phase, which is the hair growth phase. With this, the hairs have less time to grow, reaching the fall phase earlier.

As mentioned above, there are several ways to block DHT but if you are one of those who feel hopeless with chronic baldness and your inability to control DHT, here is the single solution for you.

You need Folifort!

What is Folifort?

In short, this is a hair growth supplement. But how is it different from other supplements? That is what we will discuss in the paragraphs below…

According to Alma F., the creator of Folifort, he never imagined that his formula could help thousands of people who are experiencing the problem of baldness. This formula is purely made from natural ingredients, without the “interference” of synthetic chemicals. Folifort works in two ways; slows hair loss and accelerates hair follicle regeneration. Simple but straight to the point!

How does this supplement work?

This is a basic question whenever we buy a supplement. any supplements. How does Folifort work? Basically, baldness is mostly caused by a kind of steroid called DHT. This is a kind of testosterone compound and will continue to accumulate in the body (including the scalp) as you age. The increase in DHT is caused by the 5-ARD enzyme. Well, Folifort’s job is to suppress the secretion of the 5-ARD enzyme, thereby suppressing the production of DHT that contributes to baldness. But not only suppresses DHT production, Folifort also improves hair health and strength from within by improving the condition of the scalp, oil glands, and hair follicles.

To better understand this great supplement, it would be better if you understand what ingredients are used to make it:

– Fo-Ti

What is Fo-Ti? This is a Chinese hanging plant that has long been associated with preventing hair loss. His reputation is so great in the repertoire of ancient Chinese traditional medicine. What really matters is the root as one of the best tonic adaptogens that work by stopping hair loss while stabilizing hair growth. Not only that, but Fo-Ti is also believed to be able to restore the body’s energy.

– Biotin

Also known as vitamin B7, it stimulates the production of keratin which is responsible for the strength of the hair strands and the growth of hair follicles. The use of Biotin is intended to ensure there is an increase in strength to the roots and hair strands, preventing them from falling out.

– Selenium

You cannot grow your hair follicles properly without selenium intervention. Besides playing a very important role in the growth of hair follicles, selenium is also able to activate enzymes that are responsible for the regeneration of antioxidants in your body.

– Vitamin B5

Also known as pantothenic acid, this vitamin is useful for building and strengthening your hair shaft. Not only that, this vitamin can also protect your hair follicles from damage caused by improper hair care, for example from using dry and aggressive shampoos.

– Zinc

Adequate zinc intake can keep the oil glands on your scalp in top condition. Thus the growth of your hair from within can be guaranteed.

– Keratin

This is the protein most responsible for your hair growth.

– Collagen

It’s a kind of glue that holds the keratin together, so you already know how important it is. When your follicles don’t get clogged and allow your body to grow new hair, that’s where collagen comes in to make sure your body has enough “raw material.”

– Hyaluronic Acid

This is one of the acids responsible for improving the appearance of your skin, including the scalp.

Now you know why Folifort is highly recommended. This supplement contains a lot of natural ingredients to support hair growth and health. The next question is whether buying Folifort is a good investment?

Don’t worry because Folifort provides a full 60-day warranty. That means that if you are not satisfied or find any effect from using Folifort, as long as it is within 60 days of receiving the supplement, you can claim your money 100 percent and without much delay (and debate) they will refund you.

Folifort sells for $69/bottle but if you buy more than one, you will get a lower price, which is $59/bottle (for a purchase of 3 bottles), and $49/bottle (for a purchase of 6 bottles). It is recommended to take 6 bottles at a time as you will be able to save about $762.

If you are really interested, you can go right here.

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