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God Of War 5: What Everyone Is Expecting From Sony Santa Monica

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Santa Monica has officially announced God of war 5. Director said the sequel of God of war 2018 is in works. Cory Barlog again taunted the upcoming announcement of God of war 5 from Santa Monica Studios that suggested Kratos and Atreus will return for the PlayStation 5.

Administration of Santa Monica tweeted on gaming publication IGN in which They were asking from gamers about the most anticipated PlayStation. However, fans were excited about the upcoming sequel and want as soon as possible.

Release Date and Writing Updates of God of War 5

The release date of God of 5 is not yet confirmed. Director of the game Cory Barlog had the upcoming announcement of God of war 5 and mentioned the job listing from Santa Monica studio. It shows Kratos and Atreus will return for PlayStation 5.

The story of God of War 5 2018 was described by Barlog, Matt Sophos, and Richard Gaubert. They all are working for Sony Santa Monica now, and they may grow as the writing team. Moreover, Kotaku said in an interview, and the writing team has enough ideas for five new games.

Well, the studio is producing sequel much faster and allocate more employers on this long-rumored science fiction series. So it is expecting that the God of War 5 will release in the last 2020.

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