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Google Stadia Vs Next Generation Consoles Which Is Better?

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Sony and Microsoft are collaborating for cloud storage, which will maintain the consumer’s mind. It also changes the whole scenario of the game. Google stadium is an online platform operated by Google, which is capable of broadcasting video games in high resolution with supports of high dynamic range. Stadia provides you the high-speed internet service.

Google Stadia offers a better gaming experience with the advantage of portability. It will not be beneficial for Google as game quality. Therefore, users move to consoles and PCs for better quality. The google stadia is affordable that can ruin the game. It will be a massive blow for them like PS is available for $30 per month.

The concept of streaming service is based on internet speeds. If there will be high-speed requirements at the launch of the platform and that could create a massive problem for the company. It is an issue in many areas of states.

There will be a problem for developers if they do not offer decent games. Game developers skipped the platforms for their profits. Axing stadia will not be a wrong move for the game developers.

Playstation 5 is the next generation console with the launch date of 2020. Microsoft and Playstation are close and compared to other console generations that give the best quality. Both are using AMD’s Navi processors to create faster services. They will use GDDR6 RAM for memory.

It could be a significant threat for Google Stadia as a user to pay separately to play a specific game. The same thing applies to other developers as they sell their subscriptions at reasonable prices. Well, for the gamers, it is difficult to pay double and mostly will leave the Stadia.

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