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Green Fast Keto: Great Solution for Overcoming Obesity


Obesity is a classic problem for many people and for decades, the problem has continued to top the conversation among the public, especially women and medical researchers. Many people do not understand that obesity is a condition or even a disease that causes excessive weight gain. Weight gain is usually accompanied by the emergence of various health problems. However, being overweight can’t always be called obesity because some experts refer to obesity as a combination of being overweight and the emergence of health problems because of it.

Obesity can be caused by various factors and they can be divided into two groups; internal and external. Internal factors usually include genetic inheritance, psychological factors, certain disease conditions and others. While external factors are usually related to the influence of the closest social environment.

Obesity is difficult to overcome and it is a fact but difficult does not mean impossible. If you are serious and consistent in disciplining what goes into your body, you have a great chance of ending obesity. Or if you combine a strict diet with regular exercise with a certain intensity, your chances are even greater. Unfortunately, it takes constant discipline to “get rid of” obesity and most people end up failing.

But now you don’t need to worry because you can use keto supplements that are really proven to be able to reduce your weight significantly, thereby contributing to getting rid of your “obesity situation”.

There are many keto supplements available in the market but only a handful of them actually work. One of them is Green Fast Keto. This is a revolutionary great supplement. Curious? Keep reading!

Green Fast Keto?

This is a keto supplement that will allow you to lose weight significantly and in no time. Consumption of this supplement will increase the metabolism in your body, thus burning more fat. The more fat you burn, the faster you will lose weight.

This supplement has passed a series of scientific (chemical) tests so it is completely safe. By taking this supplement your body can go into ketosis more quickly. Do not assume that this supplement uses strong synthetic ingredients because all the elements in Green Fast Keto are natural. This supplement works by releasing BHB molecules into the body, and these molecules have a similar structure to ketones that help in ketosis.

Active ingredients used:

The popularity of Green Fast Keto is certainly not without reason. One reason is the constituent elements. Every element contained in Green Fast Keto is natural and they are combined into a single unit with the right proportions.

BHB: BHB is one of the very important molecules in various keto supplements. But in the case of Green Fast Keto, BHB comes in the form of a salt (like calcium and sodium), thus making it much more effective.

Caffeine: Green Fast Keto contains small amounts of caffeine. Its function is to help BHB function and minimize the potential for the keto flu.

Guarana Concentrate: This is an essential ingredient for maintaining emotional stability while increasing metabolism at a cellular level.

Lemon: This element functions as a flavoring, but more than that, a powerful detoxifying agent, especially in the digestive tract.

Forskolin: This element helps remove toxins from the bloodstream.

The above ingredients are natural and scientifically proven effective. In other words, they are not part of the myth.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a very important physiological process, thanks to which man has managed to save himself in the most extreme conditions of food and carbohydrate deficiency. During the ketosis process, the body breaks down tissues to obtain energy in the form of “ketone bodies” (or ketones), molecules useful for supporting vital activities. Many organs of our organism are, in fact, able to function with ketone bodies, but for quite short periods of time. This is because the metabolic pathway of ketosis is still an “emergency” pathway and cannot be implemented for long. Not only does ketosis have a significant energy cost at the biochemical level, but in the long term it leads to very negative side effects which we will see later.

What is a ketogenic diet?

On the physiological basis of the ketosis process, the first ketogenic diets were born, implemented, under careful medical supervision, to treat schizophrenia patients. In schizophrenic patients treated with a ketogenic diet there was a noticeable improvement in behavior and a better ability to manage the patient’s behavior. This happened precisely because ketone bodies have a positive effect on the brain and it can be seen in the first days of a ketogenic diet in which the so-called “ketone body euphoria” is observed which causes well-being, positivity and lack of appetite. Precisely this ancestral mechanism has allowed us to survive in the hardest periods.

Too bad that this effect lasts very little and wears off easily!

Our brain, the central nervous system in general. the gonads, the hematopoietic tissue and other organs are able to function preferentially especially with glucose. therefore in conditions of glucose deficiency (as occurs during a ketogenic diet). they “adapt” to work with ketone bodies, but inevitably slow down their functionality a lot. Consequently, we inevitably observe a slowing of the metabolic rate which is a necessary and inevitable condition during a ketosis, otherwise we would not be able to survive.

A first negative effect of ketosis is already highlighted: the slowing of metabolism, an effect directly related to the slowing of thyroid activity. In fact, during ketosis, a reduction in blood levels of T3 is observed, the thyroid hormone most responsible for metabolism. It has been observed that during ketosis not only the blood levels of T3 are reduced, but at the same time, the conversion rate of T3 into rT3, the sister hormone of T3, increases but with totally opposite metabolic effects (drastic slowing of metabolism). These effects, as we will see for all the other negative effects, are all the more marked the longer the duration of the period spent in ketosis is lengthened.

How does a ketogenic diet work?

A ketogenic diet by definition must be able to put the body in a real condition of ketosis, therefore the carbohydrate quota must not exceed 10% of the total daily calorie. All diets that contain amounts of carbohydrates greater than 10% are not ketogenic diets but simply Low Carb diets that are not able to “trigger” ketosis. When following a ketogenic diet it is important to verify that you are actually in a state of ketosis by daily measurement of the presence of ketone bodies in the urine; in fact, a few grams of carbohydrates are enough to block the state of ketosis.

How Green Fast Keto works:

Ketosis is a complex but natural process. But the fact is, even though this is a salami process, in most cases ketosis must be helped or encouraged. Keto supplements are basically supplements that encourage the keto process in the consuming body. In the context of consuming Green Fast Keto, the supplement supplies external ketones in the form of BHB molecules. BHB elements that enter will be immediately recognized by the body and broken down and distributed through the blood vessels. The breakdown of BHB elements by the body will trigger an increase in metabolism. The application of which is the burning of glucose and fat stored in the body.

Benefits that can be obtained from the consumption of Green Fast Keto:

– Triggers the process of ketosis that focuses on burning fat.

– More balanced blood sugar levels.

– Reduces the desire to eat unhealthy foods.

– Reduces the risk of keto flu.

– Increases absorption of food efficiently.

– Improves skin surface condition.

– Increases energy and vitality.

Side effects:

There is always an assumption that every product has side effects and that is not wrong. But so far there have been no reports of side effects resulting from using Green Fast Keto at normal doses. Of course, anything in excess is not good but if you take this supplement in the recommended dosage.  There will be no serious health problems for you. You may have a slight headache or a normal cough. Don’t worry, it’s all harmless!

Recommended dosage:

Each pack contains 60 pills, and because Green Fast Keto is made from natural ingredients, there is no binding dose. However, it is recommended to swallow one or two pills a day. However, it is not recommended that you:

– Take this supplement if you are under 18 years of age.

– Take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You are also advised to ensure your body stays hydrated while taking this supplement. If possible, regular exercise can amplify the effects of Green Fast Keto.

Where can you buy Green Fast Keto?

You can buy this great supplement on Amazon and e-bay but if you are worried about being scammed, you are better off buying it from the official website.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Of course, there is! If, in the first 30 days after you take Green Fast Keto you don’t feel any positive symptoms. you can ask for your money back.

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