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GTA 6 Appears To Be On Track: Latest Release Updates!


As all of you may know that GTA 5 has a large pool of fans in the gaming zone. There is no doubt about the high rating and success of GTA.

Routinely appearing within the top-ten sales charts even to the present day, the open-world action game has sold over 130 million copies worldwide.

The continued success is partly right down to the continued support for GTA Online. The developer of the game Rockstar and publisher Take-Two an absolute boatload of cash in returns.

The fear is that with GTA 5 continuing to move in the money, publisher Take-Two won’t green-light the next sequel.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick addressed the scenario during the recent Bernstein Annual Strategic Decisions Conference. During a surprising update that ought to make GTA fans extremely happy.

Zelnick suggests that GTA Online could remain profitable, even with the release date of GTA 6. To spotlight his point and without mentioning GTA by name – Zelnick spoke about the success of the NBA 2K Online franchise in China.

The main point is that when the NBA 2K Online throwing out in the market, it is covering more success.

Moreover, he said: to entertain and retain the viewers. It is essential to put some innovative ideas and updates on it.

So the rumors are wrong because GTA 6 is not postponing anymore. And it will launch on the Xbox series and PS5.

However, the users will have GTA 6 in the ongoing year. So do not worried about thinking about the delaying for the game. And keep connected with us for more and more updates about the game.