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Guide To Online Roulette Games


Want to try out some online roulette games? What type of game would you like to play?

Roulette is not just roulette. Today, there are different types of roulette games. If you know the game, you can still play different roulette games online. It is your choice.

Classic Roulette – Playing Online

If you are an ace roulette player looking for a new, thrilling, and interesting option, go online.

Begin with the classic roulette – a game you would find in any casino worldwide.

Did you see the black and red wheel in movies? Did you know there are many versions of roulette – the popular table game?

There is European Roulette and American Roulette. While the former has a single zero pocket, the latter has two zeros on the wheel.

Moreover, numbers on the roulette wheel are arranged differently, though inconsequential. American Roulette’s extra zero, however, matters.


Because it has an added advantage for the casino. House Edge is the major advantage for casinos and any board game. A certain percentage tells you exactly how much money a casino makes from the game.

American Roulette House Edge is 5.26%. European Roulette House Edge is 2.7%.

It is a remarkable difference. A few dozen spins would add up. As a roulette player, you can give that extra dosh over to an online casino.

So, the first roulette lesson is to choose the European Roulette Wheel.

French Roulette

Playing French Roulette has some incredible benefits.

You can play on the European Roulette Wheel; however, the table appears to be different. The wheel rests in the middle while the table is divided into two.

French Roulette is interesting because of the two distinct rules that help players. Rules kick in as soon as you lose even money bet when the ball is in the zero pockets.

Rule#1: En Prison – The rule holds a bet until your next spin. It remains there, and you can win it back on your next spin

Rule#2: La Partage – The rule allows you to get half of a bet back, while the house keeps the other half

Knowing the intricacies of the game can make a lot of difference.

Live Dealer Roulette

Online roulette games are played against a number generator. This program generates millions of numbers every second and determines the results of honest games.

However, players still fail to trust online games. Mistrust is the leading cause of avoiding these games.

That’s exactly where the live dealer games make an entry. When you select these games, you would be playing against players from all four corners of the world. Live dealers also entertain players during the game, congratulate them on winning, spin the roulette wheel, and enjoy with you.

Lightning Roulette

If you have some knowledge of roulette, you would know that the highest paying bets are on a single number. Though your chances of winning are only 2.7% on the European roulette wheel, expect a payout of 35/1. Hence, it is worth trying.

Evolution Gaming changed the world of roulette with the introduction of Lightning Roulette.

This type of roulette can be quite intense. So, be careful.

Quantum Roulette

In response to Lightning Roulette, Playtech, the leader in casino games, introduced Quantum Roulette.

Players enjoy the impressive and futuristic visual studio of this game. However, that’s not the only attraction – here come the multipliers of 500x applicable to five random numbers.

Though it may seem like a copy of Lightning Roulette, the environment is completely different with cool effects.


It’s impossible to cover all the online roulette games available today. However, the best ones are right here for you to start.

Roulette is all about luck. Of course, knowing the basics is important to play well, but, in the end, your luck rules the game.