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Hernandez Liz, Salary, Personal, And Early Life


Liz Hernandez is an E! News and MTV Hispanic TV journalist. Her ex-husband Kevin Federline was also connected to her. Let’s discover out about her family and dating life.

Hernandez Liz, Salary, Personal, And Early Life

Early Life

Liz Hernandez was born in Riverside, California, on April 9, 1980, and is an American citizen. Her siblings are unknown. In one of her “Wordaful” YouTube videos, she recounts her father calling her “Mi Reina” and her mother calling her “Dada.” ‘My most fervent supporter,’ Liz said. Her parents felt their daughter would have a successful life since she was always a bright child who explored new things.


Liz graduated from Riverside High School in 1998 and studied communications and psychology at UCSD. Her passion for helping others has always been Liz.

A Radio Career

While in college, she got a job at a small radio station. Her tasks included reporting on celebrities and promoting products, which she did well. After graduating, she co-hosted a morning radio programme in Monterey. In 2001, Liz joined Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Power 106 FM. Liz’s prominence soared as the radio programme became a huge success in LA.

T.V. Career

Hernandez Liz, Salary, Personal, And Early Life

Liz made a life-altering transfer from radio to TV in 2007. She worked for MTV News for four years before joining E! News as a journalist and anchor of E! News Now. “Exit Strategy” (2010), “The Talk” (2010), and “Entourage” (2004-2011). (2012). Liz posed for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team’s advertising posters.


In 2016, Liz had to give up several pastimes due to her mother’s Alzheimer’s. She couldn’t work as much since she was caring for her mother. Liz decided to start her project regarding everyday words. It was her way of emphasising how the correct words, happiness, and compassion can change the whole communication process. Liz examines the nuances of words in her short movies on her YouTube channel “Wonderful.” Liz’s channel features over 100 videos, some with over 4,000 views.


Liz’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million. She is still a TV journalist making up to $75,000 per year. Her “Wordaful” efforts pay off. Her wealth is expected to grow as she continues to report and extend her “Wordaful” programme.


Liz has been dating Levi Maestro since 2000. On her “Wordaful” YouTube channel, Liz said she was distressed, needed her parents’ help, and couldn’t manage her situation, i.e., her breakup with Levi. But she made it with the help of friends like Emilio Sanchez. With Emilio, Liz began uploading more photographs of their walks, meals, and other activities. They’re dating, but neither Liz nor Emilio have acknowledged it. Liz doesn’t have kids, but she’d want to experience a mother’s love for her child.