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How can you find out how old your iPhone is?


The price of an iPhone can become an obstacle for some who want to buy an Apple mobile device or who want a terminal to start a somewhat neglected relative, or they may even prefer an older version to the latest one for such peculiar reasons as diverse. In any case, stolen iPhone traffic is a risk in which you have to avoid falling, remember that you can be sold a terminal blocked by IMEI, blocked by iCloud or with unexpected characteristics.

Here are some common things that are essential before buying a used iPhone, and that you will have to verify in order not to find a brick of 1000 dollars or more.

– Confirm or check whether or not iPhone is locked by iCloud

– Verify or check if the iPhone is blocked by the operator

– Check or confirm your iPhone’s warranty status

The first thing we want to recommend is that you do this verification in any environment, eBay and other websites to buy second-hand products are not more reliable than applications like Wallapop or vice versa. Only if you personally trust the seller, do you agree to the purchase directly.

Confirm or check whether or not iPhone is locked by iCloud

Apple’s kill-switches are commonly called iCloud lock, these come to be a lock that is performed through the iCloud web or from the Find my iPhone application when the iPhone has been stolen or lost. The iPhone lock made through iCloud is insurmountable but you can avoid encountering this problem, you just have to go to the Apple page through which you can check the lock or activation status of the used iPhone.

Verify or check if the iPhone is blocked by the operator

For this reason, we will have to use the phone number that was linked to this terminal. If they tell you that they have used it with several SIM cards from various companies, it may be a clue to think that it is free, but you should also bear in mind that they may be lying to you.

Check or confirm your iPhone’s warranty status

If it is a new model and they assure you that it is under warranty, the seller may want to charge you more. A simple check can confirm if indeed this terminal still has this guarantee or not. You can check the warranty status of the iPhone and other iOS or OS X devices online directly from the Apple website. For this you will need the serial number of the hardware, this number is on the surface of the product itself, for example: on an iPhone it appears on the back, so you can even see it in the product image (if the photo is made with decent quality). The warranty status is closely related to the age of the iPhone device itself.

You may have asked how old is your iPhone? We’re assuming you’ve asked that at least once. Knowing the age of the iPhone is very important, especially if you are buying a used iPhone. If you’re buying a used iPhone, knowing its actual age can help you make an informed decision. This article will show you how you can find out the actual age of an iPhone device. Broadly speaking, there are several ways to find out the age of an iPhone device.

iPhone serial number

First of all, you need to know the iPhone serial number of the device. How to get it? Easy! You just need to go to Settings>General>About. If you already know the serial number of the iPhone, you can now use one of the three available modes to determine the age of the device. Of course Apple’s support page is the best source of information in this context.

Access the Apple support website and fill out the “Check Coverage” page on that page with your iPhone serial number. Already? Now click on “Check”. Then you need to type in the verification code and click “Continue” to go to the next page. On the next page you can find information about the iPhone’s warranty and support. The warranty period is the main marker of the device’s age. To understand, every Apple product is covered by a one year warranty starting from the date of manufacture.

You can also use the Chipmunk tool

The online Chipmunk tool is another solution to check the actual age of an iPhone device. Access the tool and verify the device’s age by entering its serial number. After that, you need to click on “Allow me to access information” and information about the phone will be shown immediately. You’ll see the year and week the iPhone was manufactured. By knowing the year of manufacture of an iPhone, then you will be able to guess its age.

Why don’t you try to find out by the serial number?

You can find out the year of manufacture of an iPhone by looking at its serial number. To remind you, the iPhone serial number consists of 12 digits and the 4th digit is a very important digit to know the actual age of the device.


Knowing the actual age of an iPhone is not as difficult as imagined. By knowing the age of a used iPhone, you can make a wiser decision to buy it.