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How Does Anthony Dines Help The Guy After An Accident?


Voyeurism was an offense after a guy accidentally recorded himself while putting a hidden camera in a restroom of a London cafe.

For up to four weeks, Anthony Dines hid the device in the ceiling of the Starbucks in the Vauxhall area of south London, where an unsuspecting passerby discovered it.

His coworkers alerted authorities when detectives published a public appeal with images of the 31-year-old inserting a camera into a drain.

He then admitted to putting a similar device in the restrooms of his workplace, New Malden, southwest London, after his detention.

His home address yielded other tiny cameras, memory cards, and a screwdriver.

After admitting to voyeurism charges related to the Starbucks camera, Dines was sentenced to six months in prison.

As a result, he received a 200-hour community service order, was required to sign the sex offender’s registry for five years, and was prohibited from residing in a home with minors under 18. Camberwell Magistrates Court heard that the camera was left on for nine months before a male customer discovered its light in the ceiling on November 22, 2013.

Dines is a regular attendee and speaker at Cornerstone Church in southwest London.

A brown jumper, dark blue pants, and spectacles were all he wore in court today when he entered a guilty plea to voyeurism with his mother and father standing outside.

Dines spoke simply in his dark pullover and trousers to confirm his name, birth date, residence, and nationality.

His guilty pleas included one for voyeurism involving a Starbucks camera and another for voyeurism involving videotaping a person performing a private act only for sexual satisfaction.

In addition, he admitted to two counts of voyeurism in connection with his workplace’s third-floor women restrooms.

Dines works as a Facilities and General Office Assistant at Lyons Davidson, a law firm specializing in environmental and health and safety compliance.

Additionally, Dines Is Required To Pay £170 In Court Costs And Victim Surcharges, As Well As Complete A 30-Day Rehabilitation Program.

Lyons Davidson, the law company where he worked, issued a statement: “Some of our citizens have been deeply disturbed by the actions of Anthony Dines.

“These people will be comforted little by his admission and consequent sentence.

“We Will Continue To Assist Them In Any Way Possible. It’s Been A While Since Anthony Worked For Us.”

Human Resource Management is his degree from Kingston University. He formerly worked as an administrator at Cornerstone Church, Kingston, and at Kingston Business School.

When media manager Ricci Acari discovered the little camera hidden in a ceiling grate at a Starbucks in Vauxhall, London, exactly one year ago, he was detained in New Malden.

According to George Crivelli, the prosecutor, Dines was twice questioned by police at Brixton Station.

in February 2016, placing the camera there, then remaining at Starbucks to watch people use the toilet,’ he said, “He Admitted Placing The Camera,”

His fetish was watching women pee, he claimed. He claimed to have set up the camera in his own office before heading to Starbucks to record women on the way to their workstations.

Because of the higher percentage of female employees and the fact that it was voice-activated, he had it installed on the third floor of the building. In addition to the undergarments, investigators discovered two hidden cameras that Dines said belonged to his girlfriend.

“He Said He Had The Knapsack Full Of Cameras Since He Was Aware Of The Press Release With His Photograph On It And Meant To Throw Away Those Goods.”

Dines portrays himself as reliable, hardworking, and flexible in his online professional biography.

Lawyer Mr. Graeme Rothwell said: ‘through An Abundance Of Guilt And Embarrassment, He Has Forwarded These Pleas Today.’

District Judge Karen Hammond granted the first-time offender bail because he did not possess a recording device or attend a public restroom.

‘I’ll need a report,’ she said. For sentencing purposes, ‘high-Level Community Order’ is the starting point.




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