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How false lashes have become the #1 accessory

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The new #1 accessory for women of all ages is false lashes.  They are so different now.  In the past they were made very heavy and hard to handle.  They have since made them soft, easier to wear, and lightweight.  It’s easy to forget you are wearing them.  They are made for comfort.  It’s an accessory that makes you look pretty and they are part of a makeup routine.  With the best false lashes you don’t have to layer the mascara thick which can break your own lashes.  No more curling your lashes which also can break lashes.

There are many types of false eyelashes.  There are daytime lashes and nighttime lashes. There are sizes 6mm to 15mm.  From short to long depending on your eyes and the look you want.  They come in many different textures.  The handmade ones are the best  fake eyelashes.  They are lightweight, silky, and the band is cotton.  When the band is cotton it then makes the lashes lightweight, and you forget they are on the eyes.  For nighttime everyone likes the glamorous false lashes.  They can look full and thicker which brings a lot of attention.  Other lashes can also be flutter and flirt giving that whimsical look.  This can be out of a fairytale and girly.  When the lashes are fluttery a thicker liquid eyeliner looks great.  For daytime you can use false lashes that are wispiness with a lot of volume.  If you wear false eyelashes every day, they become a part of you and don’t realize they are there.  It’s almost like wearing contacts for the first time.  The more time you wear them the more they become a part of you.  If you have short lashes and you try the soft handmade lashes you will never go back to not wearing them.  You will love how your eyes look.

Something else that make false lashes a #1 accessory is social media.  So many people are doing selfies with their phone and want their lashes to look great.  False eyelashes used to be for special occasions only but have changed a lot from the past.  More and more women and some men are wearing false eyelashes.  People are more into their appearance and want to stay young looking longer.

Models also wear false eyelashes for runway shows.  They wear all kinds of lashes depending on what they are wearing.  They can be normal fake lashes or outlandish.  They are being photographed during the entire show so they can be creative.  If a model is doing photo shoots, they sometimes go for the matte false eyelashes with no makeup to show off their eyes.  It is something a photographer might request for the look they are going for.

Brides also consider lashes their number one accessory because their faces show up more in wedding photos.  It adds depth to their makeup to make them feel special and beautiful.  Wedding photographers encourage brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom to wear false eyelashes.  It’s amazing how they don’t look like false eyelashes in the pictures.

Another group of women that wear false lashes are Hollywood actresses.  It’s almost a must among them especially while on the red carpet, and going to the Oscars, and big events where they are all dressed up.  Women in magazines also wear false lashes.  Makes for good advertisement.  False eyelashes have been around for years.  In the 1990’s is when they started to take off again and become a very popular part of makeup and appearance.  It’s also become part of self care.

Wearing false eyelashes is as normal as getting your hair, and nails done.  It becomes a normal routine.  It isn’t just a fashion statement anymore.   It’s also for everyone.

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