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How To Add A Location To An Instagram Photo


A location tag on Instagram may be used to designate a specific area. But how to add location on Instagram bio? In this tutorial, you’ll find the solution. This helps your followers keep track of where you are at any given moment.

On Instagram, it’s easy to identify your business’ location if you’ve got an actual physical and mortar site like an office or restaurant. Customers may easily discover your company with the help of a location tag, which displays your actual address and position on a map. If you’re doing an Instagram contest, always include hashtags in your posts. You never know who your next client could be!

To add a place to your Instagram feed:

  • Add a location by clicking “Add location”
  • Your location may be found by searching for it.
  • Take a picture of it and share it.

Can You Search Instagram By Location?

It is possible to search Instagram by location, which is one of the advantages of adding or taggingtag a place. Many people do this when they are searching for a place for a night out with friends or are curious about the location of an image they saw on the internet and want to learn more about it. Whenever you use Instagram for your company, always include the location of your business so that your images may be seen by others searching for that place.

Using Instagram’s search icon to find a location:

  • Select the Search option from the toolbar.
  • To start a search, use the Search button.
  • Places may be accessed by tapping on them.
  • Enter the location’s name here

In How To Find A Certain Place On Instagram Using A Photo?

  • Tap on the location.
  • Every picture that has been tagged with the location will be shown.
  • Take a look at the images.
  • On the other hand, you may always use websites or applications like Gramfeed, which enable you to search destinations based on a map or address.
  • Have you used Perch by ThriveHive, a social media search tool? Using this program, you’ll learn how to make your business stand out from the competition. Download for free on Android or iOS.

How To Make An Instagram Location

This feature was once available on Instagram, but it has now been removed. To establish a custom location on Instagram, you must first create one on Facebook.

If you don’t need to establish a location on Instagram, you don’t need to do so. Facebook and Google My Business users are unlikely to be affected by this problem. You must first connect to Facebook to tag tag establish a location on Instagram and that place will appear on your Instagram account.

Hashtags For Locations

In addition to using actual location tags on Instagram, you should also utilize relevant hashtags to broaden the visibility of your business’s images. Use a location hashtag to help people locate your post even if they aren’t specifically seeking your place.

The following are some examples of location hashtags:

  • City hashtags like #Dallas and #Charlotte, as well as local place hashtags like #GoldenGateBridge or #Stowe, are examples of city hashtags.
  • #eatlocal and #shoplocal are small business-friendly hashtags.
  • Adding Instagram locations to your profile might help boost your followers’ interest in your content.
  • In the eyes of many social media managers, engagement is an important indicator for determining ROI. Measurement of likes, shares, and other interactions with your content should be a major focus for you and/or your clients.

So it’s important to know that Instagram posts that include a location tag get 79 percent more interaction than ones without a location tag.

Instagram Locations May Emphasise Your Or Your Client’s Work

Starting a social media marketing firm, or any small business for that matter is all about getting customers. The best method to wow potential customers is to show them what you’ve accomplished for your current ones.

Your Instagram business account will benefit greatly from using Instagram Locations tagging.


Take advantage of the Instagram location tagging tool if you’re wanting to expand your Instagram audience and engagement!

Start tagging now! We’d love to know how you get on.

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