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How To Bet on NFL Players With Using Evidence


Many people like to try sports betting without using any evidence to their theories. That is an extremely dangerous thing to do because it is an easy way to lose money despite sports gambling being more about being lucky than being good. 

NFL stats are an excellent tool to use and back up your evidence if you want to bet on player props or team props and other things. 

What are some of the things you should look for if you want to bet on a player or a team stat?


One of the most important factors when it comes to NFL stats and betting on players is to watch the trends they are on as of late. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter about the match-up the player is going against. It is more about sometimes the consistency and the inconsistency. 

Let’s say Tennessee Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown is projected for over/under 92.5 yards against the Buffalo Bills. 

Look at the trend and see how often he has gone over that mark for the last ten games. If he has gone over that mark eight out of ten times, go for it. If it had only happened twice, I wouldn’t bet on it. 

Here is an interesting trend to watch for, patterns. If Brown one week had over that mark, but the previous week he was under, bet the over for that game because they would force-feed him the football to reach that mark. 

Those are some of the best trends. Showing trends is one of the best tools, and it informs sports bettors very well in what they want to do.

Using Opposition Stats

When betting on players against a particular team, it is always important to look at the opponent they are playing. 

Say Josh Allen is projected to throw 285.5 over/under passing yards against the Atlanta Falcons. You have to see where they are ranked.

Atlanta gives up over 300.5 passing yards per game. If that is the case, then bet the over more than not. It is always important to look it up. Some quarterbacks are just talented like Allen, and they will carve up defenses that are not very good.

Check the Weather

People may not think that weather is a big deal in betting or fantasy football in general, but it 100 percent is. You don’t want to bet on wide receivers playing in the snowy weather or in 30 miles an hour wind.

Rain is also a significant factor. Teams will use running backs and run the football more often in those kinds of games rather than passing the football. It also depends on who is the quarterback of that respective team. 

People always feel that the weather is secondary when it comes to betting, but it should never be ignored.


Always check the injury report about a player leading up to a game. If a player has a hamstring all week and is active, you want to check if he will be playing for the entire game or if he is on a pitch count. 

These numbers are essential. You don’t want to bet over on any player if they are compromised by them.

It is okay to bet the over on some stats by quarterbacks if they play with an injury, but be extra careful with running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. 

What annoys football fans the most is when a player gets injured during the middle of the football game, they don’t return, and you lose money on a bet because of it. That is probably the most frustrating thing in sports betting. 

You looked up everything leading up to the game and did everything right, but injuries ruined everything. Injuries are a part of football, and there is nothing you can do about it.