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How to choose the best online casinos to gamble without risk

  • How to choose the best online casinos to gamble without risk

With the pandemic, more and more people are trying remote gaming. With all of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are choosing to move their businesses to the internet. This includes gambling, an activity that is safe to do in legal casinos. For newbies, choosing which gaming site to join can be complicated, local and overseas online casinos offer gamblers many options. It is easy to get lost among the different providers that are currently on the market, also because of the very attractive welcome offers and bonuses.

With this article, we try to find out what useful criteria are to evaluate the legal gambling sites in our country. We also provide an overview of the best online casinos that can guarantee a fun and safe gaming experience.

Choose only the legal ones

With the closed agencies and arcades and the rules of distance, the way of playing is changing and increasingly relying on the digital. Many wonder how to orientate themselves between the various proposals. The first step in choosing a gambling site is to first evaluate only the legal casinos. The web has potential access to any site, but the law that governs the game is very clear. Legal online casinos are the only ones that abide by all the rules of the game and offer gamblers risk-free experiences.

The criteria for evaluating online casinos

Not all sites make the same suggestions and at the same time players are looking for different things. Also, a casino that excels in one area may be less competitive in another. Hence, evaluating online casinos is not that easy. Here is a list of factors to consider:

Game offer



Welcome bonus


Accessibility and mobile applications

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Customer service


The range of games

In addition to the portals that all offer legal games, there are websites on the Internet that specialize in one or more suggestions. Casinos of the first type offer areas for sports betting, slot machines, casino games, card games, bingo, lotteries, and poker, for example. Those of the second type can focus on one or a few types of games. For example, think of online casinos that only offer slot machines, platforms for poker, betting sites, and so on.

Online casino software

All online casinos could not exist without software providers. There are casinos with proprietary software, but most sites offer games from outside providers. Many gamers do not consider the software houses behind a site. In reality, these are fundamental because today’s games and their quality depend on them. You can find casinos that offer games from a single manufacturer and casinos that offer multiple companies. The latter, of course, offer a much larger selection.

The best software houses create products with the following characteristics:

– 3D graphics, smooth animations, and high-quality sounds

– Interesting and exciting topics

– Additional features and games

– Accessibility and ease of use

– Short loading times

– Compatibility with all mobile devices

– Big payouts


At the beginning of this article, we made it the first condition for finding the best online casinos to evaluate only the legal sites. Owning a regular license actually assures the player that the casino is complying with the gambling laws and offers a number of guarantees. The issue of security in online gaming is fundamental. Visiting illegal or unsafe casinos puts players’ personal information and money at risk. The best casinos ensure that data exchange and transactions take place in environments that are protected by encryption protocols. The games featured will also be reliable and regulated by certified RNG algorithms.

Welcome bonus

A casino welcome bonus often plays a role in choosing a gaming site. The welcome bonus for those who register for the first time is the main marketing tool used by online casinos. This is generally the first thing that comes to mind when evaluating a casino. The sites compete to offer the most alluring bonuses, but it is important that you read the terms and conditions that come with each promotion.

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