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How To Clear Clipboard On Phone?


When you copy anything, it’s saved on the clipboard until you delete it. As soon as you copy anything on your Android phone, it will be dedicated to the clipboard. In addition, the most recent copied objects might obscure the clipboard history.

The older things you copied to the clipboard will be automatically deleted. You may paste the short copy that was saved in Android’s clipboard later on with ease. This is what you need to know before you begin how to clear clipboard on phone history.


Many individuals can access the Android clipboard, but they don’t have the know-how. If you’re asking the same question, then you’ll find the answer in the following paragraphs.

  • Step 1: Open The Android Text Messaging App

Activate the Android app on your mobile device. You may access your digital device’s text messaging app later on. It is possible to see various titles for the messaging app on different various Android variants such as Messages, Text Messages, and Android Messages.

  • Step 2: Compose A New Message

Add by clicking on the add symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your display. After that, you’ll be able to start a new text message. Hold down and push the message field’s blank area. Paste and Clipboard options are shown.

  • Step 3:The Clipboard On Your Android Phone May Is Accessed.

Choosing “Paste” before cleaning the Android phone’s clipboard will allow you to see what you’ve recently pasted. To see all of the objects on your clipboard, just click “Clipboard” at the bottom of the page.


You already have access to all Android clipboard contents, as was stated before. During this period, you may clear the Android tablet’s clipboard by clicking a few times.

  • Step 1: Search For “Clear Clipboard” In Android Settings

Afterward, click the “Clear” button in the bottom right of the window. Delete from clipboard and Lock to clipboard are the only two possibilities.

  • Step 2: Programmatically Clear The Android Phone’s Clipboard

To remove a clipboard item from your Android phone, choose “Delete from the clipboard.” To remove everything from the Android clipboard, just select “Delete All” from the clipboard’s menu bar at the top. Clips may be pinned to the top of your clipboard in addition to this feature. Additionally, you may manually move a hook in the clipboard collection by pressing and dragging it up or down with a long press.


As a result of this, many users claim that Samsung Galaxy handsets are prone to clipboard overcrowding. A reboot or even a long time locked on a particular screen is the outcome. Android 3.0 or above and keyboards perform better than the original Samsung keyboard thanks to Touch Wiz software. As a result, upgrading your Samsung Galaxy clipboard app might help prevent it from crashing. As a result, in addition to deleting the clipboard on your Android phone, you also have another option.

The Android operating system creates a separate subdirectory for each keyboard. Rooting is required in most situations to access non-Samsung keyboard files. These directories are also vulnerable to being corrupted. Thanks to OTA (Over the Air) specialized software; this issue has been resolved. As a result, if you encounter the Samsung clipboard crashing issue, you may first try updating to the newest version.


Furthermore, the clipboard has a slew of functions you may not be aware of. The “Lock to clipboard” option may be found under the list of clipboards. Once you pick this option, the clip you’ve chosen will be permanently saved to your Android device’s clipboard. It’ll be easy to locate next time around since it’ll be saved to your clipboard by default. Additionally, you have the option to delete this clip at any time by selecting “Unlocked.”

You may also get assistance from an excellent clipboard app. Google Play Store offers a wide variety of practical Android clipboard applications, like Clip Stack, Clipboard Actions, and many more. You may make as many clips as you like. Additional options for copying, pasting, viewing, editing, and merging any clip are also available.

It’s time to wrap up this guide on how to clean the Android phone’s clipboard and other helpful tidbits.