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How to conquer procrastination as an email marketer?  


Procrastination is a part of people’s lives – at least for a majority! As you read, we will discuss ways to overcome the productivity blocker.

I will do it tomorrow!

How often have you said, “I’ll do it tomorrow”? At some point in time, everyone would say this and defer their task.

However, when you are about to face a big deadline or nurture your leads, you need to overcome procrastination.

For example, an email marketer must make sure that they send emails to their prospects as per the schedule at a regular pace. Otherwise, they will be on the verge of losing their potential audience.

Yes, it is important to go easier on yourself.

Now, let us discuss some of the strategies to accomplish more by overcoming procrastination.

Be smart and choose the right tool

When you do your tasks using the right tool, there is little or no chance at all to postpone your task.

For example, if you are launching an email campaign for your business and are in the process of building an email list, you can use an email search tool like to find people email addresses.

With this tool, it is quick to find people email addresses accurately.

Similarly, for any task, there would be tools that can help you to be quick.

It is good to have a procrastination pad

Many people sit down on their task to finish an important task only to find themselves exploring different social media channels for hours.

Have you also experienced a comparable situation?

If yes, you could keep a procrastination pad with you when you are at your desk.

A procrastination pad? What is it for?

While you are at your desk doing something important, and you catch the thought of something to look up, you can take note of it on your procrastination pad and get to your work.

Once you are done with your work, you can then check what you have in your procrastination pad.

Break your work into small steps

Let us say you need to launch an email marketing campaign to achieve a business goal. Instead of thinking about the whole lot of activities you need to execute, you could break your tasks into smaller steps and take one step at a time.

By doing so, you can make progress, though small, towards your desired goal. And while finishing every single step, you will gain deep satisfaction within.

Therefore, it is good to start with a small step and take one step at a time.

Create a trigger

Think of a prompt or a trigger that is appropriate for your business project. Keep it somewhere you will always notice.

In this manner, you will be reminded of your task.

Go analog over digital

Though productive tools let you collaborate in ways that were not even imaginable in the olden days, howbeit, they are also a massive distraction. And it is not true for all, as there are people who tend to be productive by using digital tools.

If you find yourself getting diverted by digital tools, it is highly recommended to switch it off and work away from the screen.

And you could manually write it down.

Final thoughts

You could use these steps to overcome procrastination and keep track of all your achievements, even if it is small. And give time for what you enjoy.