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How to Crop YouTube Videos: What You Need to Know


More than 2 billion people watch videos on YouTube every month. Yes, that’s right… over 2 billion.

If you’re making video content and you’re not on this platform, you’re missing out on an enormous audience. And if you are on the platform and not attracting a lot of view followers, it might be because you’re not providing an optimal watching experience.

Making a great video means having an entertaining story or content that educates. But there’s an equally important part: ensuring the video is formatted correctly.

The article below will show you cropping your video and explain why this step is so crucial.

Why Do I Need to Crop My YouTube Video?

The standard ratio for YouTube videos is 16:9. Hitting this ratio when cropping your video ensures all the content you want in the frame is, well, in the frame.

You’ll also want to crop your video for other reasons, including:

  • Get your message across in the most precise possible way
  • Ensure your video is viewable across multiple devices: desktop, laptop, phone screen, and tablet
  • Get rid of unnecessary information at the start, middle or end of your video
  • Add creating, fun, or trending special effects
  • Add in promotional content, sales information, or customer rewards

Videos can tickle two of our senses at once. Cropping is one editing strategy to help us make the best use of the visual aspects of this versatile medium.

Crop Video Within the YouTube Platform

If you want to crop your video for free, simply do it on the platform itself. YouTube Studio has all the tools a busy content creator needs!

All you need to do is:

  • Head to YouTube’s video manager and log in
  • Upload your video and hit the edit button below it
  • Find the Tags field and type in the tag formatting tag: yt:crop=16:9
  • Don’t forget to save your changes!

You can then head back to the video manager to see how your freshly cropped video looks.

Crop Videos Outside the YouTube Platform

If you don’t want to crop your video within YouTube or find the platform isn’t powerful enough for your needs, you have two options.

You can crop your video online using third-party apps and online software services. Alternatively, you can use desktop video editing software, typically available via download or subscription.

To use software to crop video Mac or PC owners may need to use different programmes—for example, iMovie on Mac or Windows Video Editor. Thankfully, advanced software like Adobe Premiere Pro is available on both operating systems.

How to Crop YouTube Videos for Newbies

Learning how to crop youtube videos is essential for becoming a successful vlogger, content creator, influencer or digital marketer.

You can use YouTube’s built-in software to crop your YouTube video, or you can use something more powerful, such as an online third-party service or a desktop video editor. Don’t be afraid to play around with all the different options available to you until you find something that suits your needs.

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