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How to Eliminate Your Back Pain


Basically, back pain is a very common complaint of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. That is, many people have experienced it. In fact, you may have experienced back pain repeatedly.

Pain in the back can be felt in the spine. However, it is possible for this condition to spread and be felt in the buttocks, the back of the thighs, and knees. This may depend on the severity.

Generally, aches and pains in the back are not caused by a serious health problem and will go away on their own. It’s just that, if you feel uncomfortable, there are also treatments and treatments that you can do to overcome or just relieve the pain.

However, there are also some serious health conditions or problems that may be the cause of this disorder that attacks the skeletal system and muscular system. If you feel that your back pain is getting worse and doesn’t go away, consult a doctor immediately.

Back pain tops the list of the most frequent health problems in our country. Avoid it with these tips

One of the leading causes of sick leave among people under 50 is back pain. According a study, 80% of the population will suffer back pain at some point in their life and may eventually incapacitate 22% of these people.

Although it is not a very serious pain, it can be annoying, seriously affect the activities we do daily and even prevent us from leading a normal life. In fact, this pathology represents the most frequent chronic health problem in our country.

What causes back pain?

Not all cases respond to the same cause: some can be caused by herniated discs, vertebral fractures, rheumatic diseases or other serious pathologies. But in most cases, back pain is caused by the adoption of incorrect body postures that occur as a result of muscle imbalances. Having muscles that are too weak or with too high a level of tension usually causes discomfort or pain in the lumbar and cervical areas.

A sedentary life and the fact of maintaining the same position throughout the working day are factors that enhance these muscular imbalances, causing a backward rotation of the pelvis, accentuating lumbar curvature and increasing pressure on the vertebrae.

Low back pain as the worst back pain

There are several causes that can trigger the condition of low back pain to occur. Among other things wrong motion or wrong position when lifting heavy objects. Lifting heavy objects in the wrong position can cause the back muscles to stretch, tear, and eventually become painful. Similar to doing weight lifting without warming up, this can also trigger lower back pain. Then, aging conditions in the joints such as arthritis or osteoporosis in the bones can also trigger back pain. This condition is likely to be experienced by people aged 30 and 50 years. At that age, this usually occurs due to changes in body structure due to aging. As you get older, there will be a decrease in the fluid content of the disc or the cushion between the vertebrae, where the discs in the spine become more easily irritated.

How can we avoid back pain?

It has been proven that a balanced physical exercise program, which aims to stretch and tone the muscle groups that cause the problem, is highly effective in all those who do not have serious pathologies.

In this case, we recommend doing physical exercise between 2 and 3 days a week, leaving a minimum of 48 hours between each training session, so that the muscles recover and adapt. However, stretching can be done with a higher weekly frequency. If you manage to maintain a regularity and the execution of the exercises is correct, in a period of less than two months the improvement should be clearly appreciable.

What exercises should I do to eliminate back pain?

As we explained in the previous point, it is important to structure training in two main axes. The first would be made up of exercises that improve strength, endurance and tone the muscles, mainly those located in the abdominal area (anterior rectus of the abdomen, obliques and transverse) with the aim of increasing their stabilizing function; also the lumbar, paravertebral, dorsal areas and the anterior and lateral areas of the neck. We also recommend doing some type of aerobic exercise but that does not imply an impact on the joints (swimming, elliptical, cycling …).

Another important part of your training is stretching, which can be divided into the following muscle groups:

Posterior muscles, lateral neck and upper back

Musculature of the pectoral area

Hamstring muscles and iliac psoas

Lumbar muscles – paraventral and dorsal

Other tips that you should keep in mind

In addition to a specific exercise program to avoid or reduce back pain, it is important to follow healthy habits. For example, at work you always try to maintain a correct posture. If you work seated, that the seat is ergonomically correct and, if you do it standing up, try not to maintain a static posture for a long time. It is important that your job is properly designed.

Remember that from time to time you should take a short break to do some stretching of the areas indicated above, ideally every hour. Remember that if you move or lift loads, always be with a correct position of the back and with the maximum help of the legs.

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