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How to Flatter and Flaunt Your Curves on Your Wedding Day


Many brides don’t know what works for their bodies, so they end up sticking to the “safe” choice. This shouldn’t be the case because every bride deserves to look her best on her big day. If you’re struggling to figure out how to show off your curves on your wedding day, we’ve got you covered. With these tips, you’ll be able to flaunt your curves so fabulously that even Beyonce would be proud.  

1. Wedding Day Dress according to your shape

You know what they say — work with what you’ve got! The number one rule when wedding gown shopping is to choose a wedding dress that complements your body. With that said, take the time to research what works (and what doesn’t) for your curves. You’ll find that some styles flatter your body more than others. 

One of the best wedding gown shapes (and one you can’t go wrong with) is the A-line. This classic cut draws attention to the waist, giving you that envy-worthy hourglass figure. Its skirt cinches the waist and widens as it flows down, creating the shape of the capital letter “A”. 

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Another design to consider is a dropped-waist wedding gown. As its name suggests, the waist is positioned lower than it would typically be. Since it sits on the midsection, it’s most suitable for brides who carry a bit of weight around their tummies. 

2. Identify what you want to flaunt

Is there a specific part of your body that you want to flaunt, such as your bust or your waist? Determine which part or parts of your body you want to draw attention to and then work your way from there. If you want to show off your shoulders, look for a dress with wide straps. Or, if you want your chest to stand out, be on the lookout for wedding daydresses with plunging necklines. 

You can also play up your features by wearing bridal body jewelry. For example, you could wrap a pearl chain around your hips to accentuate that area. Just make sure your jewelry doesn’t clash — if you’re wearing a diamond ring, the rest of your accessories should also be made of diamonds (or if that’s too pricey, opt for crystals that look like diamonds). 

Wedding Dress
Wedding Ring

3. Choose your neckline carefully

The general rule is to avoid high-cut necklines as they tend to add volume to your body. Square necks, for instance, can make your body look bulkier, and boat necks can make your shoulders look broader. 

Low necklines such as classic scoop necks work best for curvy brides. V-neck wedding day gowns are a go-to choice because they elongate the body and draw attention toward the decolletage. Pear-shaped brides should consider wearing dresses with a neckline that’s both wide and low-cut to balance out the weight around the hips. 

If you’re top-heavy and you want to flaunt your bust, a dress with a sweetheart neckline is your best bet. But if you’re on the conservative side, you can cover up the upper half of the neckline with sheer fabric such as lace. 

4. Be careful with fabrics

Choosing the right fabric is crucial as it can make or break how you look on your big day. This is because the type of fabric can change how your wedding day dress sits or flows on your body. 

Clingy fabrics aren’t suitable for curvy brides as they can highlight every part of your body — including the ones you’d rather not flaunt. Stick to soft, flowy, and most importantly, comfortable fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, satin, and silk. You can also opt for thicker materials to create a more structured (and slimmer!) shape. Avoid velvet and beaded bodices at all costs as they can add volume to your body. 

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

5. Wear the right lingerie

Underwear that doesn’t go with your wedding dress can ruin the whole look. Plus, the right type of lingerie can smooth things out so your dress sits on your body better. As a rule of thumb, dresses made of poofy materials can be worn with almost any type of underwear. However, form-fitting fabrics such as crepe will need to be worn with undergarments that lay flat. 

In case regular underwear won’t cut it, consider shapewear — there’s nothing wrong with wearing it. Remember, wearing shapewear doesn’t mean you’re embarrassed by your curves — it means you want to show off your curves as well as possible. It allows you to flaunt what you’ve already got, so if you want to wear Spanx, go for it! 

To create a slimmer waistline, you can wear a corset or ask your tailor to sew it into your dress. Not only will it make you feel super sexy, but it will also offer your bust extra support. 

6. Wear the right size

Many brides make the mistake of wearing a dress that’s too small, believing that it’s the best way to show off their curves. However, if your dress doesn’t fit you well, it will show. Your dress simply won’t sit on your body the way it’s supposed to. 

Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

If you’re hung up on the numbers, remember that your dress is supposed to fit you, not the other way around. If you’re a size 14, wear a size 14 wedding dress — you’ll look your best when you’re wearing the right size. A well-fitting gown will be able to accentuate your body, curves and all. 

Who says you can’t work those curves? 

Curvy brides don’t have to shy away from showing off their curves. Once you know how to work your curves, you can feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt on your wedding day. By following these tips, you’ll look so good that your spouse will be showering you with romantic quotes at the reception!

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