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How To Install And Configure Plex On An Android TV


To access all of your media files from any device, use plex, a client-server media player. To put it another way, Plex is for those who have a lot of media files and want a better way to manage them. Music, movies, shows, photographs, and videos will all be handled with ease. Plex for Android TV may be downloaded by those who have access to a PC or NAS media server.

The Plex software for Android TV not only organizes media files but also allows for internet streaming. In other words, it accepts plug-ins from both official and unauthorized sources. You’ll be able to see videos from MTV, Comedy Central, and other networks. If you want to access all of Plex’s premium features like live TV streaming, DVR, and more, you may purchase a Plex Pass subscription.

Time-shifting functionality like a cable or satellite DVR is available when viewing Plex live TV on an Android box. Plex google tv Android Box gives users access to play, stop, fast forward, and rewind functions.

Android Tv: How To Install Plex

When it comes to setting up Plex on an Android TV, the process seems to be very simple. It’s as simple as following the instructions provided below to get Plex running on your Android Box or TV.

Step 1: To begin, turn on your Android TV. To access it, choose the Apps option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:The Google Play Store symbol may be found in the list of installed programs if you scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Step 3:Search for the Plex app in the search box and choose it from the search results list.

Step 4:To begin the download, press the Install button on the Google Remote controller with your finger.

Step 5:Furthermore, to start Plex on your Android-powered smart, click on the Open button.

Step 6:Finally, to access Plex on your Android TV Box, click the Sign In option.

What Capabilities Does Plex Have?

  • Creating a Plex profile is completely free. Share your library with others to control who has access to what information and how it is distributed. If you have a Plex Pass subscription, you may establish sub-profiles beneath your main account to better restrict who has access to what.
  • Plex lets you choose which material is shared with which individuals inside your library. As your kid gets older and becomes more independent, you may gradually broaden their watching possibilities by using this tool.
  • Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock provide parental control options. Amazon Prime Video also offers parental restrictions on Apple TV+, Disney+, Disney+ Kids, and Hulu.
  • There will be commercial breaks in free on-demand programming. Streaming material from your computer or a shared account means no ads will be shown to you.
  • If you upgrade to Plex Pass, you will be able to download media to your device.
  • Live virtual channels on Plex allow users to access an extensive library of programming. Many channels, such as AMC Thrillers, Revry, Dove Channel, and Kidoodle TV.
  • Many movies from libraries such as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, and Lionsgate are included in Plex’s library. Titles from Crackle and Popcornflix, and other providers are also gathered into one place.
  • Although there aren’t many big-budget releases here, the repertoire is constantly changing and may contain films like “The Terminal,” “Melancholia,” “Van Wilder,” “Super Size Me,” and “Black Sheep.”


Plex is a cord cutter, and it can be used on Android TV Box to view your favorite movies, TV programs, DVR, etc.

We hope the guide has helped you to install Plex on Android TV/Box effortlessly.