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How To Install And Use Kodi On Xbox 360


You can run Kodi on your Xbox 360, and here’s a step-by-step guide to accomplish so. There is no official XBMC community support for the Kodi media player on the Xbox 360, but can you install Kodi on Xbox 360 if you are know-how.8-Bit systems like Nintendo, Atari, and SEGA swept the market in Japan and subsequently the United States, inspiring a whole generation of players.

Millions of gamers purchased these expensive gaming consoles, even though they were overpriced, persuading other tech giants to follow in, resulting in the creation of the Sony PlayStation and the formidable Microsoft Xbox.Microsoft has supported the Xbox 360 for more than a decade, making it the second-most popular gaming system in history.

More than any other gaming system of the 2000s, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 became a success thanks to extensive backing from game developers and exclusive games like Halo, which reinvented the FPS genre. But it was the Xbox 360’s ability to connect to the Internet and bring players online multiplayer to a new level that made it a game-changer.

Does Kodi Work On The Xbox 360?

It was only logical for Microsoft to include video playback functionality in the Xbox 360 since the system has all of the technology necessary to play multimedia material. However, the Xbox 360’s multimedia content support was restricted, much as it was for its counterpart, the Xbox One.

Kodi was designed for the original Xbox; therefore it is logical to expect that this powerful media player will be available on the newer Xbox 360. You’ll be disappointed if you visit the official Xbox 360 website in search of a media player and walk away empty-handed.

According to specialists in the field, Xbox 360’s hardware configuration differs significantly from that of the first Xbox. Compared to Xbox One’s newer version, which runs on Windows 10, installing Kodi through the official Microsoft Store on Xbox One is a breeze.

The Xbox 360 console does not support Kodi? You may now stream content using the following instructions.

  1. Once we’ve shown no official method to install the Kodi media player on the Xbox 360, it’s time to demonstrate one clever workaround for the problem. Even though Microsoft has prohibited access to the Kodi platform on the Xbox 360 owing to the DLNA technology, the game console still has some wiggle room for streaming video. DLNA is comparable to Android’s Casting feature in that it serves as a bridge between devices.
  2. You may utilize the Xbox 360’s built-in technology to mirror the Kodi media player onto the console. It’s allowing the Xbox 360’s PlayTo function, which will enable users to stream entertainment from DLNA-compliant intelligent devices to the console. Even though Microsoft has discontinued PlayTo mirroring, it is still included in the Xbox 360 operating system and may be used to stream media from a DLNA-compatible device.
  3. Identify The Xbox 360

Your Xbox 360 must be named before it can be discovered by other intelligent devices or cast content from a smart device. If you want to give your Xbox 360 a name, here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Xbox 360’s Settings menu.
  • To access the Console Settings menu, go to the System Settings and then the System Configuration page.
  • Your console will now have a name that you may use.
  • It’s up to you whether you want to choose a name from a pre-existing list or create a new one, then hit the Done button to finish.
  • On the Xbox 360, activate PlayTo.
  • To use DLNA technology to mirror Kodi on an Xbox 360, you must first activate the PlayTo option on the console.
  • Open the Xbox 360’s Settings menu.
  • To access the Console Settings menu, go to the System Settings and then the System Configuration page.
  • Make sure that the PlayTo option is checked in the Connected Devices menu.

Use Expressvpn To Access Kodi On Any Xbox 360 And Xbox One

A VPN is a must-have if you’ve been using a Kodi media player to stream movies and TV programs since there are dozens of add-ons accessible. We suggest utilizing ExpressVPN instead of a free or low-cost VPN service when using Kodi on Xbox One. From more than 60 countries, ExpressVPN lets you choose the quickest server for your online watching needs from a wide range of locations.


When it comes to using the Kodi media player, they’ve learned from other gamers who use it that the streaming quality isn’t always as good as other Kodi users claim. Even game consoles like the Xbox One, which comes pre-installed with support for the Kodi video player, have been claimed to perform worse than Kodi-enabled smartphones and desktops.

Even if you can’t run Kodi on your Xbox 360, it may not be such a big deal since you probably wouldn’t like it. Because, your beloved game console isn’t Kodi-compatible, do you prefer to use an Android device or a PC to stream media? Feel free to express yourself in the space provided below; we’ll be watching for your responses.