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How to Read NCAAF Future Odds


Are you considering placing bets on the NCAAF but aren’t sure how future odds for NCAAF work? Maybe you want to start placing future bets but don’t understand how to read the odds? Whatever your reason might be, you aren’t alone!

We know how challenging it can be to understand odds and place a considered bet, especially if you aren’t sure how to read future odds. And when it comes to odds for college football.

To help you read these future odds (and better understand them), we have a quick guide for you to follow below! Keep reading to find out more.

How to read NCAAF future odds

Let’s get straight into it! For those that need a recap, future odds are set by bookies before the football season begins. These odds are usually based on the team’s previous performance, which is used to determine their chances of success in the new football season.

Unlike traditional bets, college football odds are laid out with a ‘+’ rather than a minus sign. The lower the number following the plus, the lower the payout will be. This is because the team is determined to have another successful year. For example, if a team won the championship last season, their odds of winning again this year will have a lower number. The team’s chances to perform strongly again mean bookies will offer fewer odds, meaning less of a payout should their winning streak continue.

Educated Bet

To read these odds, the higher numbers, say +1400, will offer a higher return, but the chance of them winning is slimmer than those with smaller numbers. These figures are based not only on last year’s performance but any new signings the team might have made and whether their star players have left the team or not. With players moving to the NFL or graduating, college football sees a turnover of players. It’s best to read up on the teams you are considering betting on to make an educated bet.

You can find out information about the last season and any changes of players online or in college football handbooks. There is often information from the bookies that you can read too, including key player information and performance stats from the last football season.

Future Bets Advantage

You can place future bets months in advance and take advantage of these future odds. The further away you place the bet, the larger your payout will be should you win. For some people, it’s a risk they aren’t willing to take, but if you bet within your budget and consider all the information available to you, you can make some educated bets that will pay off!

Future Updated

Future odds are updated each week with upcoming games and the odds for the championship title. These new odds will reflect how a squad is doing and take into consideration injuries too. You can use these odds to assess a team’s performance and make different bets if you wish. It’s worth noting that the closer to the title match you are, the odds will change. You can expect those favored to win to have a lower payout than an underdog team you bet on a few months ago.

If you want the chance to win big, we recommend jumping on good odds early and placing your bets based on future odds. Just be sure to do your homework beforehand!

Final word

And there you have it! Reading future odds can seem confusing at first, but it can help you win big if you place your bet early enough! Be sure to research the team you are betting on if you aren’t familiar with to see what your chances of winning are! Remember not to bet more than you can afford and to take regular breaks when gambling.

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