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How To Read NFL Super Bowl Lines Odds


There are people that are getting into sports gambling for the very first time ever, and other more experienced folks that are already placing their bets for Super Bowl LVI. If you are a beginner and don’t understand how to read what betting lines are for something, that’s totally okay! I’m here to inform you how to read lines properly.

At first, these can seem a bit complicated to understand- I personally found line reading very difficult. However, the more you involve yourself around it and the more educated you become by someone else, the easier it becomes to understand. The Super Bowl Lines have been changing by the minute, the hour, and the week. 

After Sunday, there will only be two teams remaining. This is why gambling is so crazy and completely hectic. If you want to get involved in the game and not miss out on this opportunity to gamble, then check out the odds and explanation of how they work here.

What the Numbers Mean

Before you place any bets, make sure you know the difference between favorites and underdogs. Lines odds will always have either a plus or a minus symbol before any number, which will immediately tell you whether the odds are favored or stacked against that team (and how much money you’ll make!). If the sign is minus, it means the team is favored and you’ll make less money. 

For example, if a team is -130 on the big game, it means that you would need to bet $130 in order to gain $100 from your bet. These bets are usually safer, and it’s reflected in a smaller profit pool

Conversely, if a team has a plus sign, the odds are a bit more against them and you’ll stand to make more money. So, if a team is +135 to win the Super Bowl, a $100 dollar bet would result in getting $135 back. Know that we know how to read the symbols, let’s take a look at the odds!

Kansas City Chiefs +125

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win it all. So, at this number, people wouldn’t gain a whole lot of money if they placed a $100 bet. Tons of people are believing and betting on them to win the Super Bowl anyway. The point of betting is to try and gain a profit. A plus bet and not a minus bet gains more money no matter what though.

They have been near the top of the mountain in the sports betting world throughout the year. Kansas City has way too many offensive weapons. 

Los Angeles Rams +200

If a bet was placed on Los Angeles for $100, a little bit more money would be won because they are not the favorites to win Super Bowl LVI. These odds mean that they are still near the top of the mountain.

They have also been one of the favorites to win it all since the start of the 2021 regular season. The Los Angeles Rams feel like they have been a solid bet all season long with the talent they have on both sides of the football.

San Francisco 49ers +425

At this point, the San Francisco 49ers have lower odds than the first two. The lower the numbers, the more money you can gain if you believe that they can win it all. Some people do believe that this football team can win it all because of their defense and run game.

They are skeptical of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers have beaten the Rams six consecutive times and look to make it seven. San Francisco was just in the Super Bowl two years ago. This is where the lower odds bets get riskier, but it is a bigger gain.

This is the trick into sports betting. Do you believe that you can win this money by taking that chance? Placing a $100 bet on the San Francisco 49ers would be a very nice gain in return if they win it all. 

Cincinnati Bengals +850

This is the lowest Super Bowl LVI odds remaining. If you are a big believer in Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr or just a Cincinnati Bengals fan in general, then place that $100 bet and gain that cash. They had extremely low odds to win it all this year.

I can’t imagine how much money they are going to win if they actually win it all. If you feel comfortable about betting Cincinnati to win it all, then do it because you feel positive. However, that offensive line and their defense could come back to bite them. 


The conclusion to all of this is to bet at your own risk. However, because it is a plus sign and not a minus sign when it comes to sports betting, there is always more to gain from it because you don’t win as much by placing a $100 bet from a minus sign compared to a plus sign.