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How to Throw a Fun Bowling Themed Party


If your child is having a birthday soon, a great unisex themed party place would be a bowling venue. Throwing a bowling party for your girl or boy will be a sure hit! After all, everyone loves knocking down pins…including the parent chaperons. A party in a bowling lane provides them with an awesome activity, stimulates their competitive spirits, offers yummy food, and provides a great party room. All these elements will surely make your event memorable. To help ensure your party doesn’t strike out or get stuck in the gutter, consider the following suggestions:

Call Your Local Bowling Alley

Do pick a good bowling alley location and make an advanced reservation. You want to do this ahead of time so you can avail yourself of excellent party discounts. Some locations offer birthday party packages and group rates. You want to make sure you have ample lanes reserved for your party. Sometimes, there are bowling competitions from various clubs, so you want to make sure you secure a slot. Moreover, inquire about what’s allowed and restricted. Some locations permit the bringing of cakes and other snacks, but you have to order the main party food from them. Also, ask about decorations as some alleys don’t permit the use of balloons.

Prep Your Invitations

You must set the tone of your party by using bowling-themed invitations. You can purchase pre-made ones in-store or order them online. If you are feeling up for the challenge, you can also make your own DIY. You can cut out a bowling pin and write the details with the birthday boy or girl. Don’t forget to ask everyone to bring socks or bowling shoes if they have them.

Spruce Up with Awesome Party Decor

If you want to go all out on a bowling theme, you can buy a party garland of dangling bowling shoes, pins, and balls. You can even make this on your own using construction papers. If balloons are permitted, you can use black balloons with cut-out pretend holes using paper. This creation will resemble your bowling ball. You can also ask for your child’s input. Perhaps he or she has a favorite character that he or she wants to use for that day or maybe a preferred color theme. The possibilities are endless!

Prep Those Favours

Kids love going home with loot bags so you must prepare this ahead of time. You can shop around for bowling shaped goodies like water bottles, flashlights, or key chains. If you want a more practical party favour, you can also give gift cards for a free game on a different date. Don’t forget to take home a picture of each guest with the birthday celebrant to serve as your memento.

Beef Up Those Matches

One of the beauties of throwing a bowling party is you already have a set activity. There’s no need to hire an expensive magician to keep the kids entertained. However, if you want to level up your party, you can do mini-contests during the bowling activity. You can select who bowls with the most grace and style, pick a winner with the most strikes, or who can knock down the most pins while bowling with their non-dominant hand. You can also crack open a bowling-pin pinata!

Consider the Glorious Food

Most bowling alleys will require you to order typical party fares like pizza, fries, burgers, and drinks. Other than that, you are usually allowed to bring cake, cookies, or cupcakes. Definitely, you must have a bowling themed cake. As for your cupcakes, you must choose bowling fondant toppers to align with your theme. Nutter butter is also an excellent treat as it looks like a bowling pin. Have fun preparing these side goodies because the young ones and the young-once-upon-a-time do enjoy sweet treats.

Bottom Line

Don’t let your venue limit what you can do. You can breathe in your style and creativity in a bowling themed party. You will surely have fun watching your child have a great time with friends. The best part, once the party is over, you can leave all the mess behind because the clean up is reserved exclusively for the staff. With a bowling bonanza, you are assured of having a great time from start to finish.