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How To Utilize Popcorn Time On Your Roku Device


Popcorn Time has revolutionized how people stream their favorite movies and TV shows. Its easy-to-use interface and an extensive content library make it a favorite among users. Additionally, its availability across various platforms, including Roku, makes it a versatile streaming option. Using a PC to stream Popcorn Time to a Roku device can enhance your streaming experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content on a larger screen. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can use a PC to stream Popcorn Time to your Roku device, including using Plex and installing Popcorn Time on your PC or Mac. We’ll also explore some basic configuration settings to help you customize your streaming experience and ensure your online security.

Popcorn Time is a video-on-demand streaming service available for free and open-source across several platforms. Since significant enhancements to its user interface and usability were made in 2016, it has become one of the most popular streaming programs. Netflix and Amazon Prime are no longer its sole competitors. Its vast video library also surpasses that of the majority of its rivals.

You can see why more people choose Popcorn Time over their existing VOD services when it’s free, has more choices than any single subscription-based software, and is accessible on almost all platforms.

Even though popcorn time Roku is accessible on many devices, we’ll focus on Roku today.

How To Use A Pc To Stream Popcorn Time To A Roku Device


  • Turn on your television and Roku if you have them both.
  • Press “Windows Key + P” to boot up your computer. This displays the display switcher on your computer.
  • Choose Roku as your streaming media player of choice.
  • Use Popcorn Time on your Roku device after accepting the casting option on your TV.
  • Installing NordVPN on your device is highly recommended for anonymous and unrestricted streaming.

Roku’s Popcorn Time

One of the most straightforward but in-depth possibilities is using Popcorn Time on a Roku device. Initially, utilizing Popcorn Time on Roku might be a bit perplexing because of the various methods to use the program to get around problems you can run into when trying to set it up.

Because there are several installation alternatives, you’ll be more likely to locate one that suits your needs. This is a positive thing. Consider a handful of the most popular download and installation approaches.

How To Use Plex To Set Up Popcorn Time On Your Roku


To stream content from your computer to your television through the Roku device, use Plex with Popcorn Time (available for free).

This procedure does not need any further installation.

Instructions On How To Get Popcorn Time On Roku Using The Mac

Locate the download link for the operating system that you are using. How to get Popcorn Time on Roku using the Mac operating system


Select Download From The Drop-Down Menu

  • Installing the software is as simple as opening the downloaded file and following the on-screen directions.
  • Getting Started with the Popcorn Time Installer
  • Popcorn Time installer – this is the sort of installation.
  • You may be required to adjust your security settings to enable the download of a third-party program. Please keep this in mind. This may be accomplished by accessing the System Preferences menu. System Preferences are a set of options that allow you to customize your system.

Instructions On How To Get Popcorn Time On Roku Using The Pc


Locate the download link for your operating system—instructions on getting Popcorn Time on Roku using the PC. Learn about prototyping.

  • Select Download from the drop-down menu.
  • To finish the program installation, click on the file application and follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.
  • Popcorn Time’s final destination is located at
  • Setting up the popcorn time wizard – the last stage
  • Popcorn Time installation chores that are not included in the package


Before streaming to your Roku device, you’ll want to go into the Popcorn Time application’s settings and adjust.

Menu for configuring Popcorn Time

You may customize your language, subtitle, cache, and VPN alert settings from this menu. This might be beneficial in increasing your overall user pleasure and ensuring your security when using Popcorn Time, among other things.

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