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Who Is Huening Kai Biography, Wiki, Parents, Age, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Career, Net Worth, And More


Besides singing, rapper, songwriter, dancer, composer, model, radio DJ, and MC, Huening Kai is also a rapper, songwriter, music producer, MC, and dancer. Besides being a famous singer, he is simultaneously active in multiple fields.

Huening Kai’s details are all here. Huening Kai: who is he? Ethnicity of Huening Kai? Who is Huening Kai Sisters?

Siblings of Huening Kai (Father, Mother)

Nabil David Huening (father) and Jung Yeonju (mother) gave birth to Huening Kai. The mother (Mother). We do not know his father’s or mother’s occupations.

Two of her sisters are older than him, and one is younger. Huening Bahiyyih and Huening Leanavvab are their names.

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Huening Kai

Ethnicity and nationality of Huening Kai

In terms of ethnicity, Huening Kai belongs to the German South Korean race. Despite his father’s German origin and his mother’s South Korean ethnicity, their children are of German descent. Besides being an American citizen, Huening Kai is also a citizen of the Republic of Korea.

Wiki, biography of Huening Kai

Her birth date was August 14, 2002, and she is 14 years old. Kai Kamal Huening is his full name. His hometown is Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America. He graduated from Yongmun Middle School in Seoul, Korea, and subsequently transferred to Lila Art High School in Seoul, Korea, for his high school education.

He also attended the dance department of Hanlim Multi Art School.

Age and Biography of Huening Kai

The year 2021 marks Harper’s 19th birthday. There is a Leo in his zodiac sign. The religion he practices is Islam.

She is Huening Kai’s girlfriend.

It is unknown whether Huening Kai is married, and no details about his romantic history are available to the public.

Height and weight of Huening Kai

A 6-foot-0 inch tall and 67-kilogram man, Huening Kai stands at 6 feet 0 inches tall and weighs 67 kilograms.

Huening Kai

The career of Huening Kai

Introduction Film – “What do you do?” introduced Huening Kai to the public” On January 15, 2019, Huening Kai released the film “What do you do? “.

TXT made its official debut as Huening Kai’s main vocal and maknae on March 4, 2019.

The Korean cosmetics brand Its Skin appointed Kai and TXT as their newest ambassadors in May 2019.

The net worth of Huening Kai

The net worth of Huening Kai is $ 2 million.

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Huening Kai FAQ

Q.1 What is Huening Kai?

Ans. South Korean singer Huening Kai is an American.

Q.2 Can you tell me who Huening Kai’s parents are?

Ans. Nabil David Huening (Father) and Jung Yeonju Huening (Mother) gave birth to Huening Kai. She is the mother.

Q.3 Can you tell me who Huening Kai’s girlfriend is?

Ans. There is no relationship between Huening Kai and anyone else.

Q.4 Can you tell me Huening Kai’s ethnicity?

Ans. German South Korean is Huening’s ethnicity.