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Is Imaqtpie on CLG?


Is Imaqtpie on CLG? The answer is a resounding “yes!” This famous gamer has been making the rounds for years, winning numerous competitions and gaining fame as a content creator. However, he has taken a hiatus from League of Legends to become a full-time variety streamer. Before, he played the game regularly and was part of OfflineTV’s Scarra’s team. Moreover, he was even interviewed by Rolling Stone, describing his career in the gaming industry.

Imaqtpie is 27 years old and is from Cuba. He is the only child of Colombian parents Jose and Maria Santana. His early interests in video games include chess, soccer, and online video games. After graduating from high school, he began playing the Defense of the Ancients mode of World of Warcraft, and he quickly became an expert in the game. He has since moved on to League of Legends, which is one of his favorite games. His early interests were unspecified, but he has since developed an interest in gaming and has a lot of fans.


Imaqtpie got into the gaming world in 2011, and he was part of the Oh God Bears team Dignitas until 2014. Later, he decided to be a solo streamer and has become one of the most popular gamers on the platform. His recent relationship with Lisha Wei has made him one of the richest players on the platform. You can follow him on social m;edia to see how he lives and plays.

Personal Life:

After being active on social media for years, Imaqtpie got married to Lisha Wei. They met at a cafe in 2015 and started dating the next week. They fell in love and married in July 2018. They live together in California and have no children yet. It seems that the couple is enjoying each other’s company. There are a few rumors about him dating another gamer, but we will not speculate on this at this time.

Family life:

Despite his popularity, Imaqtpie has never mentioned his family. He has always considered himself to be an only child. He started playing video games at an early age. He began playing World of Warcraft’s Defense of the Ancients mode shortly after the game was published. Later, he moved to California to pursue his career in the video game industry. This also gave him the chance to meet other aspiring gamers.

The popular gamer is known for his high net worth, and the renowned player has earned a net worth of $2 million. He used to be the best League of Legends streamer but now streams other games as well. His popularity has led to him being sponsored by many big brands. He has almost 2.6 million followers on his Twitch channel. Similarly, his ad revenue is estimated to increase by ten to twenty percent each year.


While the rumors about his marriage are based on his Twitch account, his personal life is more important than his appearance in the eSports world. He is also one of the most famous Hispanic players in the game. His influence and income have grown greatly due to his videos on YouTube. And he is now one of the most popular eSports personalities on YouTube.

Professional Life:

Originally from Mexico, Imaqtpie started his professional gaming career in 2011. He joined the Oh God Bears LoL team in 2011, and later moved on to the Rock Solid team after being invited by Scarra. Then, he joined the e-sports organization in 2016, where he played as the main carry. Among his other achievements, he is currently a member of Team Dignitas.

Imaqtpie is an influential Esports player from Brazil. He was once part of the team Dignitas, but later left to pursue a full-time professional career on Twitch. His videos have gained a huge following and he has earned almost $40k from tournaments. So, Is Imaqtpie on CLG? This is the first question he answers!