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Jalicia Nightengale Biography, Personal Life, Relationship, Net Worth


Jalicia Nightengale is a well-known model in the world of modeling. In the area in Bridgetown, Barbados, she was born in 1993. Nightengale became an emerging model because of her stunning appearance and sparkling blue eyes. She’s a beautiful dark-skin model sporting dazzling blue eyes that attract all attention. Within Europe, Nightengale has made appearances in beauty ads for some of the most prestigious firms. Additionally, she has been involved in a few acting roles.

Jalicia Nightengale Biography, Personal Life, Relationship, Net Worth


Jalicia was blessed with gorgeous blue eyes of her father who was in the family. It’s a recessive genetic trait which isn’t often seen in all generations of a family. Blue is a gorgeous color with a vibrant and sparkling look. Jalicia’s eyes in blue represent how stunning eyes can be! Naturally, she received plenty of attention due to this stunning feature and helped her make a mark in the crowd. Although, she had no idea of modeling as a profession.

It was not the same when she attended her school, as no one gazed at her. There was a different perception from the locals about their blue-eyed eyes. At school, she was required to receive a written statement from her mother, which proved that she’s not blind because of the color of her eyes. She was a target of an aversion from people around her due to her an unusual eye color and was bullied by other students as well. After a while she became exhausted of the stares and bullying and waited a while to go to school. Many times, students would ask questions about the colour of her eyes and she was a bit defensive of such behavior as a young girl. When she was 19 years old her boyfriend persuaded her to relocate to Switzerland and start her modeling career.

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Life in the private:

Nightengale isn’t often mentioned regarding her private life. She received encouragement from her boyfriend to take up modeling as a possible career choice. In terms of her love life she isn’t out and about with anything. From her Barbados time, her life made an entirely new look when she moved to London. Nightengale stood apart from the rest of the crowd with her unique person who is able to overcome those strangers and bullies who were staring at her when she was a child. As a professional she has traveled to numerous locations around the world. But she is keen to be involved in Barbados development and begin modeling scouts in Barbados.


Jalicia Nightengale Biography, Personal Life, Relationship, Net Worth

The gorgeous blue eyed lady was in a romantic affair in love with Che Hebson (British Musician) for three years. When Jalicia arrived in Britain in order to get acquainted with Che who was in the UK, she was stunned by a proposal to marry from him. With joy and love her acceptance was a joy. They have been close since their college days. After graduation they tied the knot together in 2012.

Net Worth:

In the early 2020s the Nightengale family has an estimated net worth of 700,000. Most of her earnings come from a modeling career. She’s traveled to a variety of locations around the world to be a part of catwalk shows, ads and add glamour to the ads in print. Additionally, several magazines featured stunning blue eyes Nightengale. She’s also actively involved in promoting equality for models with dark-skinned skin.