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Jason Fitz Early and Personal Life & More


Jason Statham and Sunny Fitz married on September 8, 2007. Their wedding was guarded, but the two still seem happy. Both have no children and they seem to be focused on their careers. They do not share any details about their dating past and are often seen updating their social media accounts. There are no rumors of previous relationships between the couple, and they continue to have optimal marital bliss. It is not clear when or where they will have children.


In 2007, Jason Fitz wife Sunny were married for 14 years. Their relationship became more serious after their daughter was born. He went on tour with the band Perry and spent over 300 days away from home. He asked Sunny about his hobbies, and she answered sports. They were married on September 8, 2007, and have been together ever since. However, rumors did not stop him from getting into fights and he and Sunny had to settle for less than they had anticipated. The couple’s lives were full of challenges, but they remained committed to each other.

Jason Fitz Family Life

His wife, Sunny, is a former TV host who had no time for family life. She worked for the ESPN radio station, where Jason co-hosts a show with Sarah Spain. Jason Fitz also worked for Cromwell Radio Group, where she made the majority of her money. She worked at the company as a sports producer and radio personality. Their salaries were relatively low when they were at Juilliard. And they did not have any children during their time together.

Jason Fitz’s career took a turn after his marriage. While he has been a multi-talented artist, his wife is a successful fashion designer and an inspirational person. She is supportive of Jason’s many endeavors and has been a rock-solid supporter for her husband. She is his pillar of strength, and their relationship has proven to be one of the most satisfying in his life.

As a musician, Jason Fitz’s love for music is still very strong. He left the world of music to pursue his dream of working as a reporter, and it has been a great success. He still works for ESPN and earns a fantastic income from his music. It is no wonder that he has the best job in the world. While it might not be glamorous, he does not have to worry about his job.

Jason Wife Personal Life

Jason’s wife is as beautiful as her husband. Her favorite color is brown and she loves animals. Her husband loves animals, and he has a book about them, “Carly Barkley.” While they do not have children, the couple’s marriage has remained strong. The couple has a dog and a cat, and Sunny has two dogs. In addition to their busy lives, they have a thriving business together.

Jason Fitz’s wife is a country music fan. The two share the same last name, and they are not afraid to admit it. Their relationship isn’t exactly public, but it’s a great sign that they are happy and have a happy marriage. The couple has three children. In addition to Sunny, Jason’s wife is also an ESPN radio host. The pair has three children. Their relationship is based on their children’s mutual consent, and they have no history of adultery.

Jason Fitz’s wife is an ESPN radio personality. He is a radio show host and hosts the SportsCenter on Snapchat. In his early years, he began learning the violin at the Juilliard School. The two later became reporters for ESPN and have three children. The couple met on Twitter, and are married on June 3rd. While the couple shares a common love for country music, their relationship has been a long time in the making.

Jason Fitz is an American radio host and a regular contributor to ESPN Radio. He also hosts the Golic and Wingo morning show on ESPN 1025 The Game in Nashville. After his transition from playing music, he decided to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. He also plays tennis. Although he is an avid golfer, he hasn’t been married for very long. Despite the fame, his wife is still happy with his job and their kids.

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