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Jayde Binch is What?


IN THE MOMENT OF MADNESS, Boxer nicknamed “Secret Assassin” accused of assaulting an 11-year-old schoolgirl says, “I’m not a thug,” as she laments the loss of her employment.

She alleges the youngster was assaulting her daughter and admitted to attacking her in a “period of madness.”

Boxer called “Secret Assassin” after attacking an 11-year-old girl claimed, “I’m not a thug.”

It was “a moment of craziness,” Jayde Binch, the mother of a child who’d been beaten up by a classmate of her daughter’s, 28-year-old Jayde.

Mother-of-three Keisha Schofield was probed about her conduct in regard to the alleged attack on the adolescent, and she acknowledged to snatching the girl’s clothes and yelling at her.

Although Jayde claims she was not involved in the violence shown in the images, a student can be seen covered in blood.

A fitness instructor at one of the country’s most prestigious gyms, she told The Sun Website that the event had ruined her life and she’d been fired as a consequence.

There really is no evidence to support Keisha’s allegation that her daughter, Kayshia Binch, was bullied by the other girls, despite her claims.

Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, resident Jayde said, “I’m not the gangster they are playing me out to be.”

In fact, that’s what I’ve been up to. The only violence I used was a slap. The only thing I had to do was grasp her clothing around her neck.”

That doesn’t mean she was harmed, but “I lost my calm and regretted it, but now I’m off probation.”

Jailed for six months and ordered to pay a penalty of £120, court costs, and £100 compensation to the victim for assault by beating.

There had been an argument with this girl, and “in a moment of craziness, I… done something I shouldn’t have,” she confessed.

“I wanted to safeguard” Kayshia, Jayde’s ex-kid girlfriend’s from a prior relationship, she said in an interview with The Sun Online.

Boxing sparring partner dubbed her “The Secret Assassin” for her proficiency in the sport.

There has been a lot of media coverage about me portraying myself as a total thug, which I am not, ” she said.

Because of a lawsuit, I’ve lost my job and I’m in a bad place with my boxing career.”

My family is living in fear as a consequence of the threats and abusive texts I’ve received. It’s a complete disaster as a consequence.

Mansfield Magistrates Court convicted Jayde, who had featured with her daughter on a Sky TV programme called Diet Crazy Mums, in September of last year.

The two of us got into a fight, but I’m not the thug people think I am. “You’re guilty of assault if you touch, spit, or brush against someone.”

Hatred on social media and cruel text messages have enveloped Jayde, a mother of an 18-month-old baby boy and a 7-year-old girl.

“I can’t sleep at night because of the worry,” says Keyshia, a 13-year-old model hopeful who lives at home with her mother.

“Binch got away with it,” Kiesha’s mother Tiffany said of the event that had made her daughter afraid to leave the home.

While Kiesha had “blood all over her face,” she also alleged that Jayde had smashed her noses and that it took a long time to heal Kiesha’s damaged and blood-shot eye. An admission of guilt for an attack by beating resulted in him being fined £120, doing 10 days of community service, and being ordered to pay back the court costs. ” It’s “not what people believe I am,” she said to the Sun.

“Despite the fact that I did not damage her physically, I now have a criminal record due of my rage.

My hands are up because I did something I shouldn’t have done in a moment of craziness during a dispute with this woman.”

“Secret assassins”” In a pool of her own blood, 28-year-old Jade Binch abandoned Kiesha Schofield.

She savaged Keisha, her daughter’s ex-friend, when an argument erupted between her daughter and Keisha.

As a result of the alleged attack, she is said to have sustained a cracked nose and facial bruises.

It is worth noting that even though Binch was sentenced to 10 days of community service for assault by beating in September last year, he was spared prison time.

By posting images of a bloodied and scared Tiffany’s daughter’s face, Tiffany’s distraught mother, who feels that Binch “got away” with the attack while Tiffany’s terrified baby continues to live in terror, she hopes to raise awareness of the assault.

‘You can tell the predicament Kiesha had,’ Tiffany, a Nottinghamshire resident, said.

Her face and torso were splattered with blood and bruises.

‘She’ll be in jail for this,’ I assured her.

When she was given a fine and no prison time, I couldn’t believe it.

Why is it acceptable for a court who has viewed CCTV evidence to penalise someone for abusing a minor?

In a video that purports to show her practising in a boxing ring three years ago, several internet commenters have praised Binch’s hook.

By saying, “I’m not your average sheep,” Binch declares.

When Kiesha’s kid had a falling out with Binch’s daughter in March of last year, there were rumours that they had been playing together.

Upon hearing her daughter’s cries for help, Tiffany claims that Binch rushed up to Kiesha and attacked her, causing her to seek medical attention. Her daughter, Tiffany alleges, hasn’t left the home since she was allegedly assaulted.

As she proceeded, she said that Kiesha “does nothing and has a terribly gloomy view on life,” which she agreed with.

One finger on another person’s face might be enough to warrant an assault by beating conviction.

She claims that I physically mistreated her kid, and I deny it.