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Jena Frumes: Biography, Kids, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Ethnicity, And More


The actress and model Jena Frumes is a native of New Jersey and is a model and actress. As a fitness model, she has received a lot of attention on social media. Aside from the significant role, she played in The House Next Door: Meet the Blacks 2 (2021), she is also known for her role in She Ball (2020). King Bachelor’s Pad (2012) and King’s Bachelor’s Pad (2013).

Jena Frumes’ fans, at the moment, are searching for information about the ethnicity of her parents. In terms of her parents, who are Jena Frumes, and what do they look like? Below you will find all the details that you need to know.

(Father and Mother names of Jena Frumes)

There is no mention anywhere on the website of Jena Frumes’ parents. Neither Jena nor her siblings have ever told anyone about her family members or siblings.

Here, you will be able to find out everything you need to know about Frumes’ background, parents, ethnicity, wiki, wiki biography, husband, children, wealth, and other details in this article.

You can find Jena Frumes’ ethnicity and nationality here.

Jena Frumes: Biography, Kids, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Ethnicity & More

There is a mix of ethnicities in Jena Frumes’s background. She is descended from a French and African father. She is the daughter of an American mother. She is an American citizen and holds the nationality of the United States.

Jena Frumes Wiki & Bio

During her career as a model, Jena Frumes has worn various hats, from her signature earth-toned hats to her signature high-heeled shoes. Scotland High School was the high school in which she completed her education in Laurinburg, North Carolina, where she was raised. North Carolina University, which is located in Durham, North Carolina, provided her with her bachelor’s degree.

Age, bio of Jena Frumes

There are 28 years left in Jena Frumes’ life. She is a Virgo according to her zodiac sign. As far as religion goes, Frumes belongs to the Christian faith.

Husband and children of Jena Frumes

She has never been married and is a single woman. Jason Joel Desrouleaux, or Jason Derulo, is the man with whom she lives in a loving relationship. A singer and songwriter from the United States, Jason is best known for the songs he writes. Since March 2020, they have been dating each other and living together.

A son is their child, and his name is Jason King Derulo. During the lockdown, they started to post humorous videos on TikTok. There was a COVID-19 pandemic in the world when these two met for the first time at the gym. As of March 2018, Jena Frumes is no longer dating Jesse Lingard.

How tall is Jena Frumes?

There are 5 feet 5 inches and 54 kilograms of the weight difference between Jena Frumes’s height and weight.

Jena Frumes

What is the net worth of Jena Frumes?

There is a $700 thousand net worth for Jena.

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The Jena Frumes FAQ

Q.1 Can you tell me about Jena Frumes?

Ans. Actress and model Jena Frumes hail from New Jersey.

Q.2 What is the age of Jena Frumes?

Ans. Age 28 is Jena Frumes’s age.

Q.3 What is the name of Jena Frumes’ parents?

Ans. The mother of Jena Frumes is Jayne Mansfield. The father is Mickey Frames.

Q.4 Can you tell me Jena Frumes’ ethnicity?

Ans. It is unknown what Jena Frumes’ ethnicity is.

Q.5 What is Jena Frumes’ height?

Ans. Five feet five inches is Jena’s height.