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Jesse Bondi Rescue


Double the adoration! Jesse Polock, star of Bondi Rescue, has announced his engagement to Tullie Zimmerman and the news that he is expecting a child.

Jesse Polock has come a long way in the last decade.

After obtaining a suspended sentence for dealing in the profits of crime, it’s hard to imagine things could get any better for Bondi Rescue’s star.

However, Jesse Zimmerman, 29, announced that he and his partner, Tullie Zimmerman, were expecting their first child.

As soon as he saw the heartbeat and heard, “There are the hands, and the feet,” Jess said, “I was thinking, “Tonight is the night I am going to propose to her!” he recalled in an interview with Who magazine earlier this month.

Tullie, Jesse’s girlfriend of two years, is pregnant with their first child, due in August.

At Sydney’s revolving 360 restaurants atop Sydney Tower, Bondi Rescue’s star proposed Tullie.

Waiting for the Harbour Bridge to be rotated into the restaurant’s view,’ “I was.” ‘I nearly downed the entire bottle of rosé because I was so frightened,’ I recall thinking. Jesse commented.

As long as Tullie and the baby are safe, both on and off the sand, they may enjoy their vacation.

Two Bondi Rescue stars came to help a woman who had been hurt at a Perth pub earlier this year.

When a woman had a seizure and fell to the ground, she remained unconscious for 15 minutes, according to the two men who were drinking beer in a pub at the time.

Jesse told News Corp Australia that “she had an extremely violent seizure and was going in and out of consciousness for 15 minutes.”

He and Trent rushed to the woman’s rescue as soon as they heard her screams.

To await the arrival of emergency medical personnel, the two lifeguards placed the woman in a recovery position and waited for them.

As soon as we got her out of the building, we called 911 and waited for an ambulance. Jesse remarked, ‘We went into lifeguard mode right away.

When Jesse and Trent arrived at the Ocean Beach Hotel after competing in the Rottnest Channel Swim, they were exhausted from their trip to Western Australia.

The Sand, The Secrets, And The Controversy!

We explore Bondi Rescue’s side that the lifeguards didn’t want you to see, including drug claims, brush with the police, and a worrying drinking culture.

Astonishing claims of drug use by Jesse.

Last December, police in Sydney’s northern suburbs arrested the 29-year-old father of one after discovering cocaine and ketamine in his car. He abruptly left the show the year before, sparking national outrage.

However, Jesse has not yet entered a plea for the possession allegation. In May, he will appear before a magistrate.

His lawyer, Chayana Miers, revealed that Jesse resigned from his lifeguarding job “because of the frequent suicides and painful events that were put in front of him”.

Hoppo’s Dui And… A Dead Body?

Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins, the head lifeguard, is well-versed in saving lives, but he got into trouble in 2016 when he was caught alcohol driving in Bondi.

Before dawn on January 4th, police noticed Bruce driving incoherently in his Toyota Landcruiser after a drunken evening at his co-owned restaurant, Chapter One.

Hope failed a breathalyzer test after blowing more than three times the legal limit, and he was taken into custody without delay. He admitted guilt to high-range alcohol driving and was sentenced to one year of a license suspension as an excuse for his behavior.

Hoppo, 51, was being criticized for taking his now ex-wife to rescue a dead body on his jet ski when the allegation was brought against him.

At the time, he issued a statement saying, “This may have been the absolute wrong thing to do, but I felt it was the best alternative at the moment.”

Is This The End Of The Lifeguard?

While the Bondi Rescue crew works tirelessly to ensure everyone’s safety at all times of the year, it would appear that they also enjoy a little fun!

Hope came under fire for his leadership qualities after a series of explosive emails sent between the team in 2016 revealed a “severe drinking culture” and infighting between the show’s stars.

A team member was reportedly ordered to rehab for three weeks after an altercation at a hotel because of the party atmosphere among the much-loved stars.

At the time, Hoppo commented, “It’s not something that worries me too much.

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