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Joe Warren Plant Biography, Career, Net Worth, And More


The actor Joe Warren Plant, who is also a dancer as well as an actor, has become well known for the roles he played in Emmerdale (1972), Broken Hearts (2012), and Central Tonight (2006) among others.

There is currently an upsurge of interest by Joe Warren Plant Fans in finding out who his parents are and their ethnicity. Below you will find all the information you need to get started.

Parental Details (Father and Mother’s Names) of Joe Warren Plant

I have not been able to find Joe’s parents’ details somewhere on the internet because they are still not up to date. It will be updated as soon as we receive it if we do get it. You can find all the information about Joe Warren Plant’s Parents, such as their ethnicity, age, height, wiki, biography, girlfriend, pictures, and more.

Ethnicity & Nationality of Joe Warren Plant

His ethnicity is white, and he is of American descent. It is Joe’s nationality that he resides in the United Kingdom.

Wiki, biography, and age of Joe Warren Plant

Full NameJoseph-Warren Plant
Joe OccupationBritish actor and dancer
Joe Nickname Joe-Warren Plant
Joe Famous ForRole of Jacob black in Twilight
Joe Age19  Years
Joe Birthday12 April 2002
Mother TongueNot Known
Joe Sun SignAries
Joe NationalityBritish
Joe Ethnicitywhite
Joe Birth PlaceBlackpool, United Kingdom
Joe ResidenceLancashire, England, United Kingdom
Joe Marital StatusUm-Married
Joe GirlfriendNicole Hadlow
Joe School Name

Lancashire High School

Joe College NameNot Known
Joe QualificationNot Known
Joe Net Worth$1 million to $5 million
Joe SalaryNot known

Wiki and bio of Joe Warren Plant

In the year 2002, Joe was born in Blackpool, United Kingdom, and was born on the 12th of April. His childhood was spent in Poulton, Lancashire, England, where his grandparents raised him. Lancashire High School was the school he attended during his schooling years.

Joe Warren Plant

A career overview of Joe Warren Plant

As a child, Joe began appearing in the soap “Emmerdale” when he was merely eight years old. He is best known for playing Jacob Gallagher in Emmerdale on television. In the category of the young performer, he received a British Soap Award for his contribution to the show.

I portrayed his role in a drama during the year 2012 called “Broken Hearts” as well as in a drama in the year 2018 called “Soap Hand of Dance” (Homeland of Dance). A new episode of “Dancing on Ice” will be aired in 2021, with him as one of the competitors.

According to him,

It’s about engaging the audience and the judges with Dancing On Ice. The chemistry between your partner and you must be there. Seeing how well we’re getting along, people automatically assume something is happening, but nothing is happening. We’re committed to the show and trying to give it our best. As a driven and competitive person, Vanessa has always made it to the finals, so we work well together to achieve that. The two of us will do our best. I am also competitive.

Age, biographical information, Joe Warren

He is 19 years old and is a student at the University of Kentucky. It is estimated that Joe was born under the sign of Aries. Besides the rich brown color of his hair and the hazel gray of his eyes, Joe has a very cool personality.

There is a girlfriend for Joe Warren Plant.

Nicole Hadlow has been Joe Warren Plant’s girlfriend since the beginning of 2017, and her name is Joe Warren Plant. There is a significant difference in age between Nicole and Joe. Having been born in 1997, she is currently 24 years old. A year ago, they announced that they were dating, and in August of last year, they celebrated their first anniversary. According to the tweet he posted on his Twitter account, Nicole was the right person for Joe.

Height and weight of Joe Warren Plant

He stands tall at 5’7″ and weighs 61 kg, which makes him the average height and weight for a 26-year-old.

How much does Joe Warren Plant make?

According to estimates, Joe’s net worth ranges from a million dollars to more than five million dollars.

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Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: Joe Warren Plant

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Joe Warren Plant FAQs

Q.1 What is Joe Warren Plant?

Ans. In addition to being an actor, Joe Warren Plant is also a dancer.

Q.2 What is the age of Joe Warren Plant?

Ans. The age of the boy is 19 years old.

Q.3 What is the name of Joe Warren Plant’s parents?

Ans. There is still no update on the internet on Joe’s parent’s details anywhere.

Q.4 What is the name of Joe Warren Plant’s girlfriend?

Ans. Nicole Hadlow is the name of Joe Warren Plant’s girlfriend. She has been with him since 2017.

Q.5 Where does Joe Warren Plant come from?

Ans. As far as ethnicity is concerned, Joe Warren Plant belongs to the race of white.