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Ketogenic Diet: The Benefits and Why You Need Bio Keto Advantage


The ketogenic diet or simply the keto diet has been positioned in recent years as a powerful alternative as a way to lose weight safely, also carrying various health benefits.

So, today we will explain what a ketogenic diet is and how to do it correctly, what are its benefits and possible harms, and when its use would be indicated or inadvisable. As with any diet or eating plan, it is not for everyone.

What is ketosis from the ketogenic diet

To talk about a ketogenic diet, you have to initially explain what ketosis is. Essentially, ketosis is a metabolic state where the human body produces so-called ketone bodies, molecules that are used as an alternative energy source when carbohydrates are not available.

As there is no blood sugar or glucose, the body begins to oxidize fats as a way of obtaining energy, not only through fat reserves but also through the food consumed. In this case, Acetyl-CoA begins to accumulate, forming the well-known ketone bodies: acetoacetate, D-3 hydroxybutyrate and acetone, which will be the new form of energy for the body, including the brain.

To reach this state it is not enough to reduce the percentage of carbohydrates to less than 40-45% of the total caloric intake; that would be the case with a low carb or low carb diet. In the case of a ketogenic diet, carbohydrates do not exceed 5-10% of the total caloric intake, representing a maximum of 50 g of carbohydrates per day.

The ketogenic diet menu

To come up with a ketogenic diet you have to be very methodical in calculating the macronutrients.

In a standardized way, the foundation of a ketogenic diet involves:

5% carbohydrates

75-80% fat

15-20% protein

Each case is different, and these percentages are not fixed and can be adapted. In fact, there are cases where even with just 20 g of carbohydrates a day, they never reach the state of ketosis, while others when consuming less than 80 g already begin the process. If the objective is to lose weight, it will be sought not to exceed 0.2-0.5 g / kg / day of carbohydrates, without restricting fats.

If there are other goals, such as improving symptoms of some types of diseases, the keto diet can be more restrictive if possible, reducing carbohydrate consumption to 20 g per day. Subsequently, a 4: 1 formula will be used, that is, 4 grams of fat for every 1 gram of carbohydrates and proteins added.

The general objective is that around 80% of the calories depend on the consumption of fats, always based on real food, and avoiding processed or ultra-processed. Proteins will represent at least 1 g / kg / day, and the rest will be used for carbohydrate consumption.

Thus, both cereals and legumes will be avoided on a ketogenic diet, significantly restricting fruits or vegetables on the menu as well. Therefore, meat, eggs, dairy, fish and shellfish, nuts and seeds, butter and vegetable oils will be prioritized in our keto recipes.

It is currently discouraged to carry out a long-term ketogenic diet, advising on average one or two months approximately, with the aim of causing controlled stress in the human body. However, living in ketosis forever is not advisable.

Ketogenic diet benefits

One of the main reasons for a ketogenic diet is to lose weight, since significant fat mobilization is achieved in a very short time. In addition, since the ketogenic diet is based primarily on the consumption of fat, its satiating power will collaborate in reducing hunger and controlling appetite, thus being able to better control caloric intake.

For its part, the keto diet also produces beneficial metabolic changes, reducing the risk of cardiovascular events or diseases such as type 2 diabetes, since it improves the fat profile (reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood), reduces abdominal circumference, improves control of blood sugar or glucose, and improves insulin tolerance, something we also saw in the case of intermittent fasting.

On the other hand, this eating plan has shown some protection of muscle mass or anti-catabolic effect, improving body composition in general: it protects lean mass and reduces the fat percentage. This is why it is a very popular method when looking for muscle definition.

Finally, one of the best known effects in medicine is the use of the ketogenic diet as a treatment for refractory epilepsy, that is, cases of complicated epilepsy where drugs are not effective.

According to some studies, this keto diet would achieve such benefit thanks to the intestinal bacteria or intestinal microbiome, which would be altered by the keto diet, improving the proportion of certain bacterial populations and reducing seizures within this disease.

But does the keto diet have to be passed with heavy sacrifices?

Of course not if you use Bio Keto Advantage! These are diet capsules designed to make the keto diet easier. You don’t even need to change your eating routine and take extreme exercise. In short, it is a help for “lazy people” who want significant weight loss without heavy sacrifice.

What’s the secret?

These keto diet pills contain ketones and these ketones are designed to induce ketosis as well as maximum spectrum BHB salts. In other words, just by taking this pill, your body will automatically activate the process of ketosis in no time. Once the process of ketosis is activated, your body will start burning fat.


The recommended dose is two capsules daily and you will be able to burn your fat efficiently. No physical activity and no change in eating routine! But of course if you want to achieve optimal results, exercising regularly and controlling your diet is highly recommended. Health of course depends not only on burning fat, but also other aspects as a whole. However this is not a magic formula. Yes, this is indeed a great formula but still a healthy lifestyle is what you really need.

How do these keto diet pills work?

It basically works by supplying your body with BHB ketones. BHB ketones will force your body into a state of ketosis. Various independent studies have shown that fat burning will be really effective if the human body is in a state of ketosis. These pills contain some sodium salts of ketones. They are responsible for increasing ketone levels in the body.

The process of burning fat with Bio Keto Advantage can be explained in the following three stages:

Stage 1: As soon as this pill begins to be digested by your intestines, the contents are immediately absorbed and begin to release advanced ketones. There are several reports showing that the average weight loss of up to five pounds occurs within the first week.

Stage 2: As long as you don’t stop taking two capsules per day, you may lose up to 20 pounds in the first month.

Stage 3: If you take it for at least the next five months, Bio Keto Advantage will go further by controlling your appetite for a better lifestyle change.

How much should you pay for this great keto supplement? Quite affordable and the more you buy the cheaper the price you have to pay. Let the picture below explain!

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