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Kris Wu Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life


At birth, Kris Wu was named Wu Yi Fan. Juris Wu is the name he goes by in the business world. He had chosen to be a rapper, a singer, and an actor in his job. He had also done modeling, and he did it too. He was the leader of the band, which was called EXO. They were part of the Exo-M. He left in 2014. He had done many group shows and many solo shows. When his albums made it on the Chartist, they did well.

Early in life

A different name was given to Kris. It was called Li Jiaheng. In 1990, he died on November 6th. He was born in the land of Guangzhou, which was in China. There were two people who gave birth to him: Stacey Yu Wu and Li Kaiming. In the beginning, when his parents were just a few months old, they broke up because of their problems. She raised and took care of him. He told his mother everything he had ever done. His mother moved him to Vancouver in British Columbia, when he was ten years old so that they could live there. His mother took him to China again after four years. He went to the Guangzhou No. 7 Middle School, where he learned about the world. He went to China for a short time, then went back to Vancouver. Then, he went to Point Grey Secondary School to do more study. He had been to Winston Churchill Secondary School for half of his schooling, and he was done. In there, he went by the name Kevin Li. In law, he changed his name when he was 17.


It was when he was just 18 years old that he tried out for SM Entertainment, which was there in Vancouver at the time. When he did well in the audition, he was hired as a trainee by that company. In 2012, he was sworn in with the band EXO. Soon, he was an important part of the band. This is how it worked: Exo became the most popular K. Pop group in South Korea, making them the most popular group in the country. The band had done a lot of commercials in South Korea and with a lot of other bands from around the world, too. XOXO was the name of an album that the group had put out before. The album was a big hit, and it sold more than 1 million copies in a short time. When he worked for a record company, he worked with Ace Unit Culture and Interscope. EXO, EXO-M, and even SM Town worked with him. After starting his artists from 2012 to 2021, he had them for a long time. As a Youth Ambassador at the 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival in China, he is the person people see. Mixxtail and Mercedes Benz were the first brands that he had done a deal with. He has made movies like Somewhere Only We Know, Mr. Six, The Mermaid, So Young 2: Never Gone, Sweet Sixteen, and many more. He has also done TV shows like The Golden Hairpin.

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A person’s life

Also, they know Chinese, English, and Korean, but they don’t speak any other language. In the year 2019, he told people about his national-level facts. This is what he did for his country.

Net Worth

Kris Wu has a net worth of about $9 million, which he earned through his acting and singing.